Jennifer Glynn - Inspiring Young Women

There are many students here at Northeastern focused on more than just getting through classes and having fun with friends.

Jennifer Glynn is certainly one of those individuals. Over her four years here at NEU, Jen has engaged countless Northeastern students in service through her many leadership roles on campus. So much so that she was recently named one of the Top 25 Most Influential College Students or Organizations by the Classy Awards.

Jen is proof that college students can make a positive influence on their communities during their college career.

I sat down with Jen to find out more about her involvement at Northeastern and what causes she is passionate most passionate about:

LG: Tell us a bit about yourself, hat you are involved in on campus?

JG: I am a senior here at Northeastern, double majoring in Psychology and Education. This is my second year being the Co-Director for the NEU Chapter of Strong Women, Strong Girls and I am also the Co-President for the student group, Northeastern Students 4 Giving. Right now, I am on co-op for the Service-Learning program, for which I am the Program Assistant.

LG: Why do you think it is so important for students to get involved in service?

JG: Ultimately, when you get involved in service, you get involved in the community. The service I have done has allowed me to not only create connection on campus, but also in the neighborhoods of Boston. I know that my participation in service is what ultimately helped me feel so at home at Northeastern.

LG: What advice do you have for Northeastern freshman?

JG: Fall in love with something and give yourself to it completely. Don’t be afraid to take on leadership positions. There is nothing better than giving your time to something that you feel really passionate about.

LG: Where do you see yourself in ten years?

JG: I would love to be working for a non-profit, possibly focusing on education and after-school programming. I feel confident that my experiences here at Northeastern have prepared me well for the path that lies ahead.