Holiday Playlist: Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for All to Hear

Rejoice Collegiettes! You can now stop hiding that Christmas Pandora playlist on your browser for it is now socially appropriate to sing and listen to Christmas music out in the open. Just take a moment to bask in the holiday warmth. Starbucks and Dunkin released their Holiday cups, a couple snowflakes have fallen and tree lightings are among us but unfortunately so are finals and loads of stress. Instead of making snow angels for two hours, going ice skating, and eating a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie dough as fast as you can, right before snuggling, you’ll probably be getting carpel tunnel from flash-card making and paper typing. Fear not: this is why Holiday music was invented and its powers are bigger than you or I. As you could maybe tell, I love all things Christmas (I may or may not have been a Candy Cane for Halloween) and I need to share my joy. Therefore I have compiled a playlist so cheerful even the biggest Grinch Hipster who hates all things commercialized will find their heart growing three sizes bigger.

1.Snow Globe- Matt Wertz
This singer-songwriter definitely deserves more acknowledgements. After one listen of his original holiday song, Snow Globe, you’ll soon find yourself singing along with the la la la la’s and wishing you too lived in the magical land he describes in song. Preferably I think we can all agree it should be with a nice southern man in red footie pajamas who bakes you cookies (watch the video and understand). Listen here

2. Tell Me A Story- Hilary Duff ft. Lil Romeo
This one may be a bit controversial as I may be the only one to remember this gem off her Down Santa Claus Lane Holiday Album. I really felt this was the breakout song of the album with Hilary’s autotune vocals blending perfectly with Lil Romeo’s pubescent rap. And really what girl didn’t want to be Hilary Duff back when we were tweens crimping our hair and shopping at Limited Too? Listen here

3. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)- Michael Buble
In case you are questioning my taste after the last song here is a song from the never failing Michael Buble. His voice is like silky smooth butter and his holiday album is the warm bread upon it will melt.. Basically, it is a Holiday Christmas playlist must-have. Listen here

4. My Only Wish This Year- Britney Spears
Mariah Carey always gets all the cred for Christmas anthems but guess which diva is on my list? It’s Britney, Bitch. This song is so upbeat and cheerful that all singles can start to feel hope that they won’t be #foreveralone. Listen here

5. 8 Days of Christmas- Destiny’s Child
Reunite immediately, Destiny’s Child. In this Christmas song they spell out the word “time” and have a line about dirty denim jeans and belly rings. There is also a music video where all three ladies are dressed in Santa outfits while a guy in a doo rag creepily (or maybe it is suppose to be lovingly) stands behind them. You really don’t want to miss this. Listen here

6. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays- N’SYNC
Speaking of reunions... I know you have another album on your recording contract N’SYNC. Stop denying the world of this joy. Boy bands and Christmas were meant for each other (where is your Christmas song One Direction?). There is also a music video featuring Justin Timberlake’s platinum blonde curly fro and a really sad scene where all the members comfortably sit in a Santa Sleigh but awkwardly leave Kris Kirpatrick (the one no one remembers) to stand behind it alone. Listen here

7. Step Into Christmas- Elton John
I think after he released this song is when they decided to give Elton John the Sir in his name and officially Knight him. It’s that good.  Listen here

8. What Christmas Means to Me- Stevie Wonder
Jessica Simpson also recorded this song for her Christmas album and almost ruined it for the masses. Luckily, Stevie Wonder is one singer who can reverse the damage to my ears. His explanation of what Christmas means is on par with Linus’ in Charlie Brown. Listen and find new meaning to life. Listen here

9. Baby, It’s Cold Outside- Glee (Chris Colfer and Darren Criss)
This rendition is the first ever to be recorded by two males (Fun fact). My Dad likes to point out that this really isn’t a Christmas song and just a song about winter weather sleepover parties of the adult variety. I’m sure many collegiettes have heard this same speech from a boy on a Friday night but it sure does sound pretty in song. Listen here

10. I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus- Jackson 5
Am I the only one who was insanely creeped out by the lyrics in this song?I’m sorry but if you saw your Mom kiss and tickle (vomit) Santa Claus you would be traumatized. This kid thinks it would be a laugh so obviously he has some issues taking pleasure in his Mom’s fetish of fat men with white beards and tickling them. Even now that I am revisiting why this song creeped me out it is still really catchy and Michael Jackson nails the vocals.  Listen here

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