Elijah Kaplan '16

Name: Elijah Kaplan
Age: 19 years old
Year: Freshman

Major: Journalism
Relationship Status: Single

Where I can be found: You can usually find me in the company of friends, or running on the track.

Secret talents: I can solve the Rubik's cube in less than 1 minute (I'm actually very proud of that); I can also hike mountains.

Where can you find me on a Saturday night: At a balloon party over in Melvin Hall (an event where someone fills a room with tons of balloons and we just, well, party!)

What I want to do after graduation: Ideally I would like to write for the Associated Press.

Turn on/deal maker: Not only does she have to be funny, but she has to find my jokes funny as well. (‘cause I make a LOT of bad jokes). Also, she MUST like Star Wars.

Turn off/deal breaker: My first instinct is to say country music. Hmm... a girl that's not willing to try new things.

Guilty pleasure: How I Met Your Mother and fuzzy socks – they're excellent! Everyone should have fuzzy socks.

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