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DIY Holiday Gift Guide

Posted Dec 14 2012 - 1:33am
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Maybe you are on a tight college budget and don’t have money for gifts, or maybe you are just feeling crafty and want to express your creativity in order to procrastinate from studying for finals. Either way, check out these DIY holiday gifts for your family and friends or even yourself, you deserve it after all of that studying!

1. DIY Rhineston Chain Earrings

1. DIY Rhinestone Chain Earrings- These earrings only take about 5 minutes to make and are the perfect gift for a roommate, friend, sister, or any woman on your list that enjoys jewelry. If you have a younger sibling that likes to play dress up or friends without their ears pierced, you could even make these with clip-on earrings.

2. DIY Wrap Bracelet

2. DIY Wrap Bracelet- These bracelets are so cute and they do not look handmade at all. Any girl would be crazy to not want an armful of these for the holidays.

3. Paper Clip Bookmarks

3. Paper Clip Bow Bookmarks-  These bookmarks are a great gift idea for every collegiette, especially during finals. Take a break from studying with your friends and make these for each other. You can even do them in your school colors or make matching ones for your sorority sisters. The tutorial is in a different language but there are plenty of pictures to follow along.

4. Lemon Salt Scrub

4. Lemon Salt Scrub- This salt scrub only takes three ingredients and would be a good gift for your mother, aunt, or any other female relative. Mother’s love homemade gifts, and what’s better than a refreshing body scrub made by you!

5. Effortless Cowl

5. Effortless Cowl- If you know how to knit or crochet, a beautiful cowl is one of the simplest things to make. This would be a great gift for anyone that has to deal with the harsh winter ahead.

6. Photo Negatives Lamp

6. Photo Negatives Lamp- This lamp is amazing and would make any and every collegiette’s dorm be the talk of the hall. Most college girls love taking photos, so why not display them in a creative way like this. Bonus points if you have a friend that is really into photography, you just became their favorite person by making this for them.

7. Mustache Mug

7. Mustache Mug- Lacking DIY skills? This mug is adorable and simple to make, you can even trace the mustache onto the mug if your artistic abilities ended in elementary school. This is the perfect gift for the coffee loving friend or relative, give this mug along with their favorite tea, coffee, or some hot chocolate packets (make sure they have marshmallows).

8. Vintage Book Travel- Tech Organizer

8. Vintage Book Travel-Tech Organizer- Not sure what to get your Dad/Uncle/Boyfriend? Why not make them a travel case for the technology they use all the time. This could also be altered to be a kindle/nook/iPad case or even a travel makeup case, the options are infinite.

9. Cellphone Car Mount

9. Cellphone Car Mount- This car mount is great for those people on your list that are in the car so often they could use a GPS hands-free. It also doubles as a cellphone stand and is made from office supplies!

10. DIY Glowing Jars

10. DIY Glowing Jars- Have a younger sibling that still uses a night light? These jars are cute and would give off the perfect amount of glow to find your way in the dark. They also double a storage for things like pens, loose change, or basically anything you would want to put in a jar.


Do you have any favorite DIY holiday gifts? Share them with us below!

DIY Holiday Gift Guide