Taking the Next Step: Living With a Boyfriend in College

Moving in with a boyfriend during college definitely affects the nature of the relationship; however, that change can be positive or negative. Although most college students have lived with one or more roommates at some point, living with your significant other would be a little different. Here are some pros and cons to help think through the decision.


• You get to see each other all the time. No more hectic schedules to plan around because you both go home to the same place everyday.
• Trust is not an issue. We have all heard our fair share of roommate horror stories, but living with someone you love and trust is already a step up from someone you have never met.
• One-on-one time. Living in a house or a room full of girls can get a little overwhelming or dramatic at times. Living with just one guy can erase some of the chaos and cattiness.
• Practice. If you think this guy may be the one, living with him can be a real test to see how your relationship works when you live in the same place, how you divide the chores and how you pay the bills.

• Sharing finances. Money can be a huge factor in break-ups. One person might make more than the other, so splitting the bills can be a tricky subject.
• Too much togetherness. Spending time together is great, until it starts to be a little too much to handle. When living together, you may learn a lot more about each other that you would have expected. Some things can be good, but some things can also be a little frightening.
• Breaking up. This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you break up while living together, everything gets complicated.
• Too real too fast. You’re so excited to move in with him, but is it too real? You have the rest of your life to figure out how your relationship will go, so maybe you should consider waiting until after graduation and enjoy your college years by living with a roommate who’s not your boyfriend.


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