From Harry Potter to Wine-Tasting: Unique Classes at Mizzou

Welcome back to Mizzou, collegiettes™! A new semester means meeting new people, getting involved, and of course taking classes. The beginning of the school year brings an onslaught of stress - papers, projects and assignments. But it doesn't have to be that way! Hidden in the undergraduate course catalog between all the boring chemistry, history and business courses are some interesting options sure to beat your class blues. Do you regret signing up for microbiology? Hate British literature? Or do you just want a fun way to earn more credit hours? Then try enrolling in one of the following: 

Harry Potter, Magic and Religion
Religious Studies 2240 (3 credits) 

The Harry Potter books and movies might have ended, but your obsession doesn't have to. Be like Hermione Granger and put your knowledge of the series to work in this class. "I've remember my mom reading the first book to me at night when I was a kid, and it's cool to read the same book again more than 10 years later but with an analytical eye," says sophomore Elizabeth Solomon. "I've been noticing so much symbolism this time around, and it really does give the series a new, deeper meaning."

This course explores religious themes in J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter series. Topics include ancient Greek, Roman, Celtic and Norse mythological themes, the relationship between religion and magic, and reactions to the books among various religious groups. Meets Gen Ed requirement for humanities. 

Psychology and the Movies
Psychology 4825 (3 credits)

Maye you aren't the biggest Harry Potter fan but consider yourself a movie critic and a psychology lover. Try "Psychology at the Movies." You will analyze films from different perspectives, so you get graded on watching and talking about movies.
In this course we watch and discuss films from multiple psychological perspectives. Connections are made between cinematic content and contemporary psychological research on culture and diversity. Race, Gender, Disability, Class and LGBT issues in movies are explored. This course may be restricted to Undergraduate Psychology majors during Early Registration. 

Human Sexuality
Psychology 2810 (3 credits)

Still haven't found an interesting class? If you are curious about why certain behavior in the bedroom is normal and other behavior is considered taboo, then check out this class. "I'd like to take this class because human sexuality is a very interesting subject that everyone should know about," says sophomore Lainie Barron. 
Survey of research on sexual behavior including sex norms, gender identity, sexual dysfunctions, sexual deviation, homosexuality and legal aspects of sexual behavior. Attendance at small group discussions may be required at the option of the instructor. Prerequisite: Psychology [PSYCH} 1000. This course may be restricted to Undergraduate Psychology Majors during Early Registration. Meets Gen Ed requirement for behavioral science. 

Intimate Relationships and Marriage
Human Development and Family Studies 1610 (3 credits)

We've often wondered why there isn't a class focused on boys. Good news! This course comes pretty close. In "Intimate Relationships" you will learn about why relationships work, why they fall apart and how to keep them strong.

Examination of issues pertaining to intimate and marital relationships such as relationship foundation anddissolution processes, love, sex, behavioral scripts, and conflict. Diversity related to race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual orientation is explored. Meets Gen Ed requirement for behavioral science. 

Professional Beverage Management
Hotel and Restaurant Management 3233 (3 credits)

Yes, a wine-tasting class really does exist at Mizzou! Enjoy sipping some wine and learning what types go best with certain foods. You're getting three hours of credit for sampling wine. What could be better? (Side note: you must be 21 to enroll.)
Given the hospitality industry's reliance on beverage revenues, there is a need for a course covering legal aspects/responsibility of serving alcoholic/nonalcoholic beverages; management control; pairing of food and beverages. Prerequisite: Students must be 21 years of age or older. 

Jazz, Pop and Rock
Music for Non-Majors 1311 (3 credits)

Love listening to music? "Jazz, Pop and Rock" has you covered. If you are a music aficionado but aren't a music major, this is the perfect opportunity to rock out to your favorite music genres. 
Historical introduction to jazz (to approximately 1970) and the Amercian popular song, including rock and roll (to approximately 1980): directed to non-majors. 

(All course descriptions are taken from MyZou and the "University of Missouri Undergraduate Catalog 2010-12")