Craft Guide: Holiday Snow Globe

Finals have ended and the time to finish Christmas shopping has begun. For collegiettes™ still looking for a special gift that’s both personal and cute, Her Campus Mizzou has you covered. These homemade snow globes are inexpensive, easy to make and perfect for group gifts. Just follow this step-by-step guide, and you’ll have the perfect holiday gift or decoration.

What You Need

  • Empty jar (canning or spaghetti jar)
  • Glitter
  • Glycerin
  • Decoration for the inside (plastic or ceramic because metal will rust)
  • Ribbon
  • Super glue


Step 1: Unscrew the top of the canning jar and glue decoration onto the inside of the cup with super glue. Make sure the glue is waterproof, or you will run into problems later.

Step 2: Fill the jar with water and put about four drops of glycerin in the water to make the glitter float. Be careful because too much glycerin will make the glitter stick to the bottom. Glycerin can be found in the pharmacy section of most grocery stores.

Step 3: Pour glitter into the jar. The amount of glitter needed depends on what you like and the size of the jar. Start small, and you can always add more if you want.

Step 4: Screw cap with decoration glued to it inside of the jar. Make sure the cap is sealed tightly and shake jar. Check to see if the right amount of glitter is in the jar and if the glitter is floating. If not, add more glycerin and/or glitter until you like how it looks.

Step 5: Flip the jar, so that the cap is at the bottom.

Step 6: Tie ribbon around the bottom of your snow globe and voilá!

Step 7: Decorate your snow globe. To make it look like it has snow on the top, use spray-on snow for windows.