Kresge Climbing!

    Hacking at MIT is just another term regarding the exploration of space in buildings! These students are taking advantage of that, and discovering their college campus in a way unique to MIT. It’s not exactly condoned, but definitely worth trying at least once before graduating! 

Denzil Sikka is a ‘91 baby who’s a sophomore at MIT and loving every moment of it. She enjoys reading, writing, and when stressed, adopting a craft or re-decorating. When not lounging at home in the California sun or painting the towns of Cambridge and Boston red with her friends, she can be found hard at work, pursuing her education and Computer Science major in the classroom. Her current goals include studying abroad, travelling and soaking up cultures insatiably, and just living life to the fullest. With many aspirations, she is trying to focus on what is ahead without forgetting the past. There’s something very scary and soothing about the unexpected future. Denzil is ready for the challenge!