Spring Has Sprung at Millersville

Spring has sprung at Millersville! And what better way to get into the season’s spirit than to bring it out in your wardrobe! Spring is filled with florals, brights, and pastels; all three of these factors are included in this outfit that was put together by a fashion guru online. Whoever did so has an awesome sense of style because personally, I would rock this outfit myself if I had the same pieces. The blend of the greens and pinks mixes so well together that it’s like you’re a budding, walking flower… if you understand what I mean. Continue reading about why this outfit is such a good choice!

White Shirt: This top is a basic must have in any collegiette’s closet. Although they look bland and boring, they can be styled in an endless number of ways by swapping out accessory after accessory. The ¾ sleeve is ideal for spring weather. Think of it this way: winter means long sleeve, summer means short sleeve. So spring and fall mean a sleeve that’s in between, right? You can pick up one of these tops at nearly any store for cheap. These usually don’t go for more than five dollars.

Grey Wrap Sweater: The long, winter days are gone but the cool temperatures are still present. Just because the weather is getting warmer doesn’t mean that you can go out without anything else on to keep you warm. Instead of a heavy puffer coat that conceals your cute clothes, wear a wrap sweater to still look stylish, but warm, on campus! This cable knit wrap should do the trick, while still staying within the color scheme, no less.

Blush Skinny Jeans: I’ve noticed a lot of blush and mint colored jeans over the past few spring seasons, and it seems like the colors are here to stay! Instead of a traditional blue jean, opt for this washed out pink to change it up. It’s like the ultimate girly color. Added plus: this pink just screams spring because it’s the same tone as the beautiful cherry blossom trees that bloom every year.

Floral Infinity Scarf: This is a super easy way to jazz up your plain white tee. The material is thin, so you won’t feel like you’re being suffocated. This scarf if gorgeous; it’s like someone hand-painted the fabric. Clearly this is one of the favorite scarves I’ve ever seen. I want it! Do you feel the same way?

Tan Boots: Yes, it is spring. Yes, boots are more for winter. But as you know, April showers bring May flowers. Those showers can make the air pretty chilly, especially in the morning hours walking to class. That also means the ground could still be a little wet, so your moccasins and ballet flats would be soaking up all of the water. Boots are still a great go-to option in the spring, that is, until it gets wayyy to warm to wear them. Because who doesn’t like boots?!

Chandelier Earrings: These earrings EXACTLY match the scarf. They must be paired together! Long earrings such as these are best displayed when your hair is pulled off of your face. Try a sleek pony tail with a braid wrapped around the elastic or a messy bun.

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Please enjoy.

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