• Miami Plan Classes You Should Take

    Here what our team has to say about their favorite Miami Plan classes and why you should take them. Mary Carroll My favorite Miami Plan...

  • Street Style to Die For

    Clubs practically beg for passersby to take their product and half the time students can’t even take out their headphones to say no. Students really don’t take full advantage of all the amazing things just being handed out to them. For example, Miami’s library offers a whole database of free subscriptions on its website. There’s access to the New York Times, EBSCOhost and even ancestry.com. My personal favorite is Fashion Snoops. Companies pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars for access to this trend forecasting website, and Miami offers it for free. The website has everything from boys fashion to women’s trends to beauty favorites to the latest runways all over the world. I love looking at the galleries of street style to from Fashion Weeks worldwide to get inspiration and see what trends are popping up. It’s really a great way to procrastinate while also sharpening my fashion sense!

  • Being Homesick at the End of the Year

    Finals are hard. This is no secret – your stressed, everyone around you is stressed, and going home is right around the corner. I never used to get super excited about going home, however this year, I can’t wait. The itch to get out of Oxford, get back to my family, start working, and see my friends from home is real. But, you're not alone and it's not weird.

  • A Student on the Rise

    Miami University sophomore Ashlee Robinson sits in her room that doubles as a recording studio on Monday night. While she’s at school and away from her management team in Los Angeles, she gets crafty and makes music any way she can. “I’m being pulled in two different directions,” Ashlee said. “But the one path that I really want to be on, I’m not on.” Although she can’t be where she wants to be, Ashlee continues to write songs in her free time.

  • Perfect Spring Day Trips Outside of Ox

    It’s obvious how many people are attracted to Miami because of Oxford’s uptown, with it being among the top ranked college towns in the country. While the quintessential area is lovely and the ideal place to attend college, sometimes it is nice to get out of Oxford and explore beyond our Chipotle and Brick Street. Especially now that we are nearing Spring, here are some day and weekend trip ideas to take for when you need some time away from campus and uptown!

  • The Weeknd Releases "My Dear Melancholy"

    As many of you are aware, The Weeknd finally released new music (!!) Some old vibes resurfaced; he definitely gave the people what they wanted. It has been a while since his widely popular 2016 album Starboy came out. Fans were waiting for magic, and he delivered just that. My Dear Melancholy had an honest and dark mood. It’s not difficult to take an educated guess and assume this set of songs is centered around his ex’s Selena Gomez and Bella Hadid.

  • Some of My Favorite Musicals

    I never really considered myself a theater enthusiast before about a year ago, but with my sister being involved in the theater program at her high school, I've become interested in some popular musicals and their respective movies. Here is a quick list of some of my favorites that you should definitely check out, even if you are completely new to the world of musical theater.

  • What Was Big in 2008

    By Madeline Marshall One of my favorite parts about a New Year is looking to see what was happening in the world 10 years ago. It’s a great...

  • What's Hot at H&M Right Now

    When it comes to cheap clothes, there’s no shortage of places to shop these days. Forever 21, Zaful, Shein, and Charlotte Russe just to...

  • Why You Need to See Love, Simon

    Love, Simon is about a teenage boy in high school named Simon. He has a relatively normal life. He has great friends, drinks iced coffee every morning before school, has a loving. tight knit family, and is trying to survive his high school play.

  • A Woman Releasing Her Toxic Relationship

    Recently, a friend (like several of you out there) found herself in a toxic place with a guy. As an observer, she appeared conflicted at first. But she made the decision to break up with him. Here is what she had to say.

  • 4 Youtube Channels That Will Help You Procrastinate Homework

    Studying. It’s nobody’s favorite. So what better way to procrastinate all the homework and quizzes and tests you have to study for then to binge watch different Youtube videos. I am a huge proponent for Youtube. Honestly, it’s one of my favorite ways to entertain myself. Youtube is awesome because the content is so unique and interesting. You can go from watching cat videos to vine compilations in no time. So below, I have compiled a list of my 5 favorite Youtube channels that will waste all the time you don’t have.

  • Apps to Make a Crazy Life More Simple

    College is full of meetings, classes, homework, parties, the list goes on. All in all, each day tends to be hectic. Luckily, the power of technology can help keep you organized, save money, and save time. Here a few apps that can help any college girl get through the week a bit easier.

  • 6 Products You Need for Spring Break

    Spring break is fast approaching and you are starting to pack you suitcase... What do you pack? Well have no fear, I have found some essentials that you need for your break!

  • Stages of a Staycation According to Cast of "Friends"

    Not everyone goes to the beach for spring break. Actually, many people stay home. But, as much as we love having our free time, it can get boring. Here are the stages of staying home for spring break as told by the hilarious gifs of Friends ​.

  • Miserable Travel Quotes

    We all have had some interesting travel stories.... Read some miserable, but funny, quotes about other's traveling experiences.

  • Trend Madness

    It’s March. For the sports junkies of the world, this means March Madness. The most exciting period of time in the sports world. Anything can happen – and it does! But if you’re not interested in sports, March is just another month. Which stinks because making a bracket is such a fun thing to do with your friends and family. SooOo0Oo… I wanted to make the March Madness bracket but for something more interesting for us girly girls. A competition of some of the trends for 2018 to see which I think will be the biggest trend of the year!

  • How to Get Through Your Midterms

    When the weather starts to turn, it means spring break, warmer weather, and, unfortunately, midterms. Midterms seem to sneak up on us, but it is important to take them seriously. However, you need to make sure that you take breaks and make time for yourself, while you are studying. Here are some tips to get through midterm week without stressing yourself out too much.

  • Spring Break Playlist

    Spring break is officially here and whether you are going to the beach or staying at home in bed we have the ultimate playlist for you:

  • Gym Tan Leopard Print

    Fashion weeks all over the world have been in full swing this month. We have New York, Paris and Milan all giving us their best ideas as to...

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