• 10 Pinterest Quotes to Inspire You

    It's that time in the semester when I start to lose motivation and start procrastinating. But, thank you to Pinterest, I have found motivation to increase my productivity and creativity.

  • So Your Hair Looks Terrible

    You know the days. The days when you wake up and your hair just straight up refuses to do what you want it to. When no matter how much dry shampoo you use or half-assed curling you try it still looks like a rat’s nest. Here are some ways to cure your bad hair day.

  • 6 Products to Get You Through Finals

    Finals are coming in hot... and the only thing missing in our lives are sleep and motivation. Well, have no fear! Below is a list of products that will help you survive your finals.

  • Study Break Quick Tricks

    As someone who spends their days tucked away in the campus library, I've picked up a few quick tricks to try if you need a short study break. If you feel sluggish or like you're not accomplishing anything, it's a good idea to take a break! Once you come back, you will be more focused and motivated.

  • Wildlife Enthusiast: Zoey Scancarello ‘20

    I met my BFF during freshman year of college before classes officially started and I am thankful as heck for our bomb friendship every single day. She has made a significant impact in my life. Zoey is unapologetically herself! Amazing, hilarious, beautiful and intelligent don’t even begin to describe this gal. Enjoy learning a bit about this one of a kind human.

  • 7 Inexpensive Holiday Gift Ideas

    The holiday season is always tons of fun, especially when you are able to spend it with your friends. From ice skating to hot chocolate and Christmas movies, the December is packed with lots of different activities to get you in the holiday spirit. With Christmas comes gift giving, which can cause your bank account to take a major hit. However, it does not have to be this way. There are plenty of gifts that you can give your friends this holiday season that they will love and won’t leave you broke in January.

  • 5 Shows to Binge Watch Over Break

    While Netflix and I currently have some issues (taking off How I Met Your Mother? Are you kidding me??), I still love to spend my free time binge watching tv shows. Yes there are plenty of other things I could be doing, but it’s my guilty pleasure and over the years I’ve developed what I like to call my master list of shows you just have to watch.

  • Elevating Holiday Style for 2017

    Thanksgiving has passed, and if you are like me, you are anxiously generating holiday outfits in your brain. This is an exciting time to express one’s self through dress because incorporating bold pieces into festive outfits is simple!

  • Color is the New Black

    Don’t get me wrong, black will always be the new black. However, there is always room for change in all of our wardrobes. It’s time to push the boring black, white, grey and tan neutrals aside to make room for a pop of color this winter.

  • 6 Reasons Bethenny Frankel Is a Boss

    So, either you’ve heard of the Real Housewives or you have been living under a rock. Or you maybe you have had a martini called Skinnygirl. Shout out to Bethenny Frankel for the perfect combination for a girl’s night. However, that is not the only reason she is the best

  • The Ultimate Christmas Bucket List

    It’s the Holiday Season aka THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR. I love to make the most of the Christmas season every year and do a few festive things every week of December to lead up to the big day. Through the stress of finals, it’s nice to take a study break once in awhile for some festivities. How many things on this list can you check off this year?​

  • Taylor Swift Dropped Reputation

    For those of you who have had their head under a rock for the past couple months, Taylor Swift dropped a new album called Reputation last Friday. While it is very different from her previous albums, (sorry those of you who are stuck on 2006 Taylor, but she’s dead) it still has the same artistry that makes Taylor, Taylor. It is seriously lyrically genius. It may be a different feel, but it’s still quality.

  • The End of an Era: Skinny Jeans

    I remember in sixth grade when the popular girls started wearing skinny jeans. I envied them. Granted, they were wearing bright yellow skinny jeans, but nonetheless they looked fabulous to my chubby-sixth-grade-self. I thought that if I wore skinny jeans like the rest of the cool and thin girls at my middle school, that I too would become cool and skinny.

  • Analysis of Harry Style's Kiwi Music Video

    Harry Styles premiered the Kiwi music video on November 8. When you first hear the title of the song, you think it could be a wholesome song about kiwi, the fruit. But, it is not.

  • Being Thankful in the Spirit of Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday, despite its *slightly controversial* origin. I love fall, I love the food, but mostly I love spending time with all of my family. The older I get, the more aware I become of all of the things I have to be thankful for.

  • Where Did Fall Go?

    By Sarah Reitz Fall is beautiful. Its colors, its style, and most importantly its weather. But somehow, we skipped over fall entirely. And...

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