"Youth for Ron Paul" Chapter Founder: TJ Hilliard

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Name: TJ Hillard

Year: Freshman

Major: Marketing

Hometown: Morrow, Ohio

Campus Involvement: Member of Miami Entrepreneurs and President of the “Youth for Ron Paul” Miami Chapter.

In politics these days everything changes so fast and you never know who is safe and who is not. It seems like there is a new candidate on the chopping block every day for a controversial passing comment. Well, this freshman knows the scoop on everything political and especially Ron Paul. Her Campus had the chance to sit down with him and talk about his newly created “Youth for Ron Paul” group.

HC: Have you always been so interested in politics? What sparked this interest?

TJH: I have been interested in politics since the 2004 elections. Initially, I considered myself a republican because my core beliefs involve small government and low taxes. In 2008, however, I heard of Ron Paul. I started looking into his policies, and now consider myself a Libertarian. It wasn't that hard for me to realize that Republicans and Democrats were for large government and obstruction of personal liberties. They might not come out into the open and say it, but they definitely have their own separate versions of it.

HC: What policies make you support Ron Paul over any other candidate?

TJH: Ron Paul is not only feared by the "banksters," but also ridiculed by corrupt political parties and ignored by the cooperate-controlled media. The mere fact that he is not a status-quo candidate like the others should turn things around. Ron Paul plans to cut Federal spending by one trillion dollars in his first year of office. Every other candidate is ready to start another war, and bail out their friends in private interests...and are definitely not concerned about the nation's debt. Ron Paul is such a strong candidate for the youth vote because when the U.S. dollar fails, it's going affect our generation the hardest. We are going to be the people looking for jobs, houses, and trying to start families. We are serious about our futures.

HC: How did you create the “Youth for Ron Paul” Chapter at Miami?

TJH: I simply was a supporter of Ron Paul. So I went to the "Youth for Ron Paul" page on Facebook where I saw pictures of all of the other chapters around the country organizing different events, like rallies. So I applied to be a chapter leader at our campus.

HC: What is the group's main focus or purpose?

TJH: The goal of the group is to inform as many people on campus as we can about the presidential candidate, Ron Paul. The group emphasizes his core beliefs of civil liberty, peace through strength, and abolishing not only the Federal Reserve, but also other government agencies that do nothing but simply increase the size of our Federal government.

HC: What are your goals for this group?

TJH: Ideally, if we advertise and spread the word across campus enough and obtain the largest chapter in Ohio, we have the opportunity to get signatures that petition Dr. Paul to come to our campus and speak. This would be awesome because our group would be able to organize the entire event--and it would be a blast for all of the group members and everyone that attended the event on campus.

HC: How can students get involved in this group?

TJH: It's simple. Log on to Facebook and join the group "Ron Paul 2012-Miami University Chapter". Then just simply follow the directions posted for joining the group on the national website and putting your information on the Google document. Then it's easy, just check the group for updates about when and where meetings are. Also invite as many friends as you can and help them register on the national website! We are striving for the largest group in Ohio, so we need all the people we can get!

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