• First Lady, Renate Crawford

    Questions with Dr. Renate J. Crawford: University Ambassador, Adjunct Professor of Physics, and Killer First Lady!!

  • The Doddfathers

    By: Kay Connelly Me: I’m gonna make you an offer you can’t refuse. You: What was that? Me: Listen to their show. How can you refuse with...

  • A Student on the Rise

    Miami University sophomore Ashlee Robinson sits in her room that doubles as a recording studio on Monday night. While she’s at school and away from her management team in Los Angeles, she gets crafty and makes music any way she can. “I’m being pulled in two different directions,” Ashlee said. “But the one path that I really want to be on, I’m not on.” Although she can’t be where she wants to be, Ashlee continues to write songs in her free time.

  • A Woman Releasing Her Toxic Relationship

    Recently, a friend (like several of you out there) found herself in a toxic place with a guy. As an observer, she appeared conflicted at first. But she made the decision to break up with him. Here is what she had to say.

  • What Made Kate Fagan Write

    Kate Fagan, a journalist for espnW, writes to highlight women's sports. Read what she had to say to Miami University students at a "Women in Writing" panel organized by Media, Journalism and Film.

  • Reagan Heck: Pro-Israel Activist

    My roomie, Reagan Heck, is the VP of marketing for the “Students For Israel at Miami” group on campus, a Gamma Phi Beta sorority member, Active Minds participant, and StandWithUs Emerson fellow. Additionally, Reagan is returning to Israel this summer to intern with a Tel Aviv company called “Windows”. She will be advocating for peace through the practice of advertising and creative thinking. I know - what an AMAZING gal. Enjoy learning about her upcoming trip!

  • Wildlife Enthusiast: Zoey Scancarello ‘20

    I met my BFF during freshman year of college before classes officially started and I am thankful as heck for our bomb friendship every single day. She has made a significant impact in my life. Zoey is unapologetically herself! Amazing, hilarious, beautiful and intelligent don’t even begin to describe this gal. Enjoy learning a bit about this one of a kind human.

  • Red Brick Runway: Emily Rand

    When you think of Oxford, Ohio a few things might cross your mind. Three-story red brick building and spacious quads, but what about fashion? Read about Emily Rand and how she experiments with fashion on-campus.

  • Meet Incoming CC: Mary Carroll

    The General Stuff Name: Mary Carroll Major: Strategic Communications and Professional Writing Year: Sophomore Hometown: Cincinnati, OH...

  • Meet MAP Marketing: Jenna Mrocko

    Jenna Mrocko – Profile Piece Major: Marketing and Journalism Hometown: Rochester, Michigan Year: Junior HC: What is MAP? J: MAP, or Miami...

  • Campus Cutie: Oliver Zak ‘19

    Name: Oliver Zak Year: Sophomore Hometown: Bainbridge, Ohio Major: Finance Bearing a glowing face and heart of gold, Oliver Zak’s outgoing...