Life’s a 24-hour Catwalk with Steph Dixon

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The week, February 20th, may be just another relentless exam week for Miami students, but fear not, there is something bigger and better going on; something to relieve you of your stresses. You nailed it…Fashion Week in Oxford!

Stephanie Michelle Dixon, a Junior Speech Communication Major, Marketing Minor, and employee at Juniper, has extensive involvement with the Miami University Club of Fashion and Design (MUCFD), the club to thank along with UP Magazine for this week’s funtivities (go ahead, coin that if you wish)!

Steph says that the event she is most anticipating this week is the fashion show on Friday, which the planning for began immediately after arriving back on campus in August. This year the show ties into Miami's fashion history and has a vintage/prep theme. If you attended last year, you would have been blown away at how the Shriver Multiple Purpose Room was transformed, but imagine how unbelievable it will be to see Steph along with other models strut the club’s designs down a 100-foot runway in Millett (#seeyouthereHeidiKlum)! 
Sadly there is no fashion program or major at Miami, but it is always incredible to see what Oxford’s very own are capable of creating without professional instruction. Steph’s initial passion for fashion at Miami was sparked her freshman year when she overheard a fellow classmate discussing the club.

“Fashion is always changing and there is always something to look forward to in the industry. The best part about MUCFD is that we look at all aspects from the fashion industry from modeling, designing, and business,” says Steph about why she lives and breathes fashion. And going forward, she hopes to land a job as a fashion merchandiser or buyer for a stellar company with her ultimate goal being to own a boutique (discounts for all of Her Campus please)!

Another event to look forward to during the week, and in which you can score fabulous finds, are at the Trunk Show on Wednesday the 22nd from 5-8pm at the Oxford Community Arts Center! Featured designers are from Fashion Weeks in Columbus and Cincinnati, as well as Victoria's Secret and other vendors who are coming to showcase and sell their designs!

Now for some fun factoids about the girl we’ll all be waiting to see on the cover of Vogue or Interview! One of her favorite ways to procrastinate hitting club King is working at Juniper. At Juniper she enjoys being surrounded by amazing clothes, accessories, makeup, and a fun staff! She loves getting a sneak peak of the merchandise before it’s put on the floor. In addition to that perk, she loves to style and help customers piece together their outfits (stalk her on FB for a hot second and you’ll for sure want her help) or even do their makeup!

Dying to know how you can rock a bold and edgy style similar to Steph’s? Steph says she frequents at Oxford hotspots such as Juniper and Magnolia because their stuff is unique, trendy and affordable. Some other tips in emulating her style are a leather jacket paired with combat boots. Also essential in her look-book is an innovative and upbeat attitude when shopping and styling; don’t give in to the standard Miami look of Sperry’s and North Face! Be daring and a trendsetter of your own, and most importantly, have fun with whatever look you choose!