Don't Wear Your Sperry's in the Rain (And Other Do's and Don'ts to Make the Rainy Days Less Blue)

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The in-between kind of rain is the worst kind of rain. I’m not the biggest fan of rain to begin with, but I deal with it because there isn’t anything I can do about it. However, a few weeks ago when it seemed to rain every single day, I was pushed to my limit. I got tired of wearing my rain jacket and rain boots (a shocker, I love my rain boots), and my hand was developing early stages of arthritis from the way I was clenching my umbrella (gale force wins are not fun).

Being down in the dumps one particular rainy afternoon after the rain absolutely soaked a pair of my Sperry’s (I really did get tired of wearing the rain boots, to the point where I risked the safety of my Sperry’s – that’s saying something), I decided that I needed to come up with some ways to avoid feeling so blue – just because there’s clouds in the sky doesn’t mean they have to be in your head, too.
Don’t wear your best outfit, put on your most fabulous make-up look, or spend an hour curling your tresses to go to class. When the rain wreaks its havoc on your get-up, you’ll have more reasons to complain. Wear simple clothes and keep your makeup and hairstyle to a minimum. That way, if the wind blows your hood off or flips your umbrella inside-out, you won’t feel as badly about it because the rain didn’t destroy an hour of getting-ready effort, but rather a few minutes of it.

Do listen to peppy music. I know, I know, we all have “mood” playlists, or at least a series of songs we go to when the weather turns gray. People like to match their mood to the weather, something about getting in-sync with what’s around them. I say, forget about it! If it’s pouring, put on some up-tempo beats and jam your way to class! Pretend you’re in a music video; you know the kind – rain evokes intensity.
Do wear rain boots (don’t make the mistake I did with my formerly wonderful Sperry’s). If you do not have a pair, run over to Target before the next storm – they aren’t too pricey and they’re completely practical, not to mention long-lasting. We all know how many hills this campus has – most of the time it seems as though it’s one big hill – and when it rains, the downward sidewalks become rivers. The other day, the steps between McKeldin Library and Jimenez became a waterfall, no exaggeration! Rain boots are cute and one of the most practical things a college girl can own.

Don’t complain. I know most of us hate the rain but there isn’t anything you can do but get through your day. Think about how great the water is for the grass, how beautiful and fresh it will make McKeldin Mall look!
Do take advantage of the moody weather rain puts everyone in. If you have the ability to (and don’t have a lot of school work), put on some sweats, curl up in bed and watch your favorite movie or TV show. We all know how it feels to wake up before class and see rain outside of your window; the only thing you really want is to not leave your bed. Take on the day, fight through the rain and reward yourself after class by getting right back into bed to relax.
Don’t let the weather rain on your parade!

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