Sorority Meet & Greet as Told by Memes

In the days leading up to the Meet & Greet, the question on everyone’s mind:



We showed up at Rauch by 9AM and were put into groups for the day.


Yeah, us freshmen knew we’d be meeting sorority girls, but



When you meet new people, small talk is inevitable…


And all the sorority girls have the same advice.



You wonder all day when your group will make it to your favorite house.



In the time between houses, you can’t help but look up your rho gams on social media.



When you hear the crazy rules the sororities have to follow...



And, apparently, Maginnes has limited seating...



Even though you have a smile on your face, you can’t help but remember four o’clock are next week and


Days later, you see you got an instagram notification...


The Meet & Greet was a good way to see what it will truly be like in January, but

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