How to Get Free Food & Discounts on Valentine's Day

For all those couples out there who haven’t come up with any Valentine’s day plans or for those singles out there that hate the day all together, we have just the thing for you. Chain restaurants around town are offering the masses free or discounted meals (cause who doesn’t love some free food??). To steer you guys in the right direction we’ve put together a list of the greatest and latest:


Hooters: For the ladies and gents that hate Valentine’s day or just hate their ex, Hooters is the place for you. Bring a photo of your ex to Hooters to rip up, and to get an easy buy 10, get 10 free deal on wings. Who would ever pass up on that?




Qdoba: This one is for basically anyone! Friends, family, couples….random strangers. If you kiss someone at the register on Valentine's Day you’ll get a 2 for 1 deal. With the purchase of 1 entree and a pucker up, you’ll get a another free entree! 1 kiss = 1 free burrito, definitely a win win if you ask us.




Auntie Anne’s: For anyone that is doing some retail therapy on Valentine’s day, cash the deal at Auntie Anne’s. All you have to do is download the My Pretzel Perks app on your phone and you’ll get a buy-1 get-1 free deal on heart shaped pretzels. 2 pretzels after a day of spoiling yourself? Hell yeah!




TGI Fridays: Planning a dinner for 2? TGI Fridays is practically screaming your name. For only $30, you’ll get a dank meal. But wait, that’s not all. TGI Fridays is also offering bottles of wine for ½ price! #pleasenowine-ing




Bertucci’s: Who doesn’t love Bertucci’s? Go there on V-day and get a special $35 dinner for 2. This deal gets you and your significant other, 2 salads, 2 entrees, and a dessert to share. How romantic!




Red Robin: Calling all Royalty Members of Red Robin! You can get any gourmet burger of your choice for ½ price with the purchase of a gourmet, finest, or Big Tavern Burger, entree, entree salad, or sandwich.




Papa John's: Pizza lovers, you’re gonna want this! Get one medium, one topping heart-shaped thin crust pizza with a brownie for only $15. Wow that was a mouthful, literally.




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