Boho Midweek Motivation Mood Board

Bonjour again! Today I have been influenced by the power of the effortlessly cool Bohemian. When I looked up the definition of the term in the dictionary, it stated: Bohemian- a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts. So I thought I would bombard you with glistening jewels, wacky prints, Sienna Miller, swimming pools (good enough to drink) and stupidly bright bowls of food. When investigating the options for my future life, I was reminded of a group of true Bohemians called the ‘Bloomsbury circle’. They spent most of their time at Charleston House and covered the walls, furniture and the ceramics in doodles and paintings. This house is still open to visit and in 1916 was owned by Vanessa Bell and Duncan Grant who were two leading artists and designers. Virginia Woolf and Roger Fry (to name just a few famous faces…) were frequent visitors. I am guessing my invite just got lost in the post... I hope you enjoy this hump day’s motivation!

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