8 Signs You Are A Senior at Le Moyne

1. You miss the Old Clinton Street 

2. You are holding off on applying for graduation because adulting is terrifying 

3. You've set off the fire alarm at least once in your apartment or townhouse 

4. You are joining everything to make your resume look good 

5. It's the 4th week of classes and your senoritas is at an all-time high

6. You have created a sarcastic remark for every time someone ask what you are doing with your life

7. You are counting down the days till Dolphy Day 

8. Going to DJs or Harrys and relizing just hold old you are 

Sarah Touey is a traveler, entrepeneur, and college student. Growing up in Pringle, Pennsylvania Sarah is a graduate of Wyoming Seminary College Prep and is a senior at Le Moyne College. A dual Marketing & Finance Major, Sarah spends her time outside the classroom with her friends, exploring Central New York, and staying an active member of the Le Moyne community. Chapter Lead for Her Campus, Student Coordinator for the Jesuit University Humanitarian Action Network, Class Representative for the Le Moyne Student Programming Board, and Vice President of Amnesty International & Habitat for Humanity. Besides staying active at Le Moyne. Sarah is the Founder & CEO of "GT: The Next Generation of Marketing". Sarah's passions including volunteering, advocacy, and sports. 

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