20 Discounts You Can Score With Your College ID

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Have you ever just stared at your college ID card and wonded what if it did more? Have you ever been a broke college student? If you answered yes to either of the following, then this article is for you. Here are 20 discounts that you can score with your student ID.

1. $5 Spotify and Hulu Subscription 

2. 15% off at Express

3. J. Crew offers 15 percent off. (We all need a little prep in our life.)

4. Kate Spade offers 15 percent off. (Splurge and buy yourself that new perfume or purse.)

5. Charlotte Russe offers 10 percent off.

6. Apple offers $200- $300 off of MacBooks and iPads if you provide them with the name of your school. (We all know that you secretly want an Apple.)

7. Sprint offers 10 percent off. (This is for those times when you no longer can stay on mom and dad’s plan.)

8. Chipotle offers 15 percent off. (Finally, a burrito that we can love and enjoy!)

9. Buffalo Wild Wings offers 10 percent off! (This is only for Super Bowl Sunday.)

10. Ann Taylor gives 15 percent off all full-priced items. (This is for those times where you have to look like a grown up.)

11. Amazon offers a free six-month trial of Amazon Prime (Six months of free two-day shipping-express noodles!) and $10 credit when you refer a friend.

12. Dairy Queen 10 percent off at most locations. (Have some ice cream to cure those finals blues).

13. Waffle House (breakfast never got cheaper) stands tall with a 10 percent discount.

14. Eastern Mountain Sports offers 15 percent off full-price National brand items and 20 percent off all full-price Eastern Mountain brand items

15. Regal Theaters, AMC Theatres, and Cinemark offer special discounts, especially on Thursdays.

16. Amtrack offers special offers through their Student Advantage Card. (This is for all of those times when you need an adventure.)

17. Microsoft in stores offers 10 percent off. (This is in the event that you aren’t an Apple fan.)

18. Tom’s will not only give you free shipping but give a child in need shoes.

19. Firehouse subs has partnerships with many colleges and universities and offers 10 percent off. (This is for when Subway doesn't make the cut.)

20. With ESURANCE (it’s inevitable you will one day need your own policy) you can get a student discount backed by Allstate students under 25 with a B average or better. If you are an alumni or current student of a PAC-12 school, then the discounts are even greater.


So here is to using our ID cards to our advantage. It's a new year, with new savings, and new merchandise. Enjoy your newly discovered money saver.

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Sarah Touey is a traveler, entrepeneur, and college student. Growing up in Pringle, Pennsylvania Sarah is a graduate of Wyoming Seminary College Prep and is a senior at Le Moyne College. A dual Marketing & Finance Major, Sarah spends her time outside the classroom with her friends, exploring Central New York, and staying an active member of the Le Moyne community. Chapter Lead for Her Campus, Student Coordinator for the Jesuit University Humanitarian Action Network, Class Representative for the Le Moyne Student Programming Board, and Vice President of Amnesty International & Habitat for Humanity. Besides staying active at Le Moyne. Sarah is the Founder & CEO of "GT: The Next Generation of Marketing". Sarah's passions including volunteering, advocacy, and sports. 

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