Your Guide to Rocking New York Fashion Week Styles Without Looking Over the Top

It's that magical time of the year where the leaves begin to change, pumpkin spice infiltrates our cabinets and the fashion scene in New York starts rolling out their spring collections. If you're like me, you only catch the wildest styles paraded around in viral videos or on Entertainment Tonight. There's more you might have missed, though, between the star-studded Harper's Bazaar party and Rihanna riding around on a motorbike. 

Most of the time, I'm left scratching my head as I look at the styles that are paraded up and down runways. I always ask myself WHO wears this stuff? Well, us, apparently. More often than not, buyers in the fashion industry who work for our favorite retailers look to these shows for the hottest new trends and tone them down for sale in stores. Like it or not, our daily fashion is influenced by these wacky shows. Here are some of the oddest looks from the runway and how you can tone them down for campus style!

Collection: Greta Constantine

This look is a little wild mostly for its clashing of colors, but it's definitely a unique twist on something that can be worn everyday. Our basic pieces are the chiffon halter dress, a sequin jacket, oversized belt and a pair of neutral heels. You can re-create the look with this dress from H&M, this circle sequin jacket from Topshop, and any oversized belt of your choosing. You can funk up the look with some embellished heeled boots like these from Forever 21 or go classic like with a pair of Aldo neutral white heels.

Collection: Greta Constantine

Again, breaking this outfit down piece by piece will make it so much easier to re-create and tame down. Begin with a long sleeved mesh top from like this one from Urban Outfitters and a chunky black bralette by Forever 21, this worn atop the mesh top for an odd but fun break from the norm. Tuck the top into a flouncy tulle skirt like this one from Asos, or this one

Collection: LIE by Chung Chung Lee

The three main concepts for this head-to-toe style are the skirt, top and jacket, but each thing has a defining trend to it. The skirt has a mesh overlay and added stripes for pizzazz while the top features a sequined geometric pattern covered by a super trendy bomber jacket. Everything is white. Matching the same colors but breaking it up with these defining characteristics seems to be a big theme this year. We've found this adorable skirt at H&M for you in black to layer over a pair of dark shorts or any pre-existing black mini skirts you already own. You can match this with one of these two tops from Urban that aren't necessarily geometric, but offer a really nice symmetry. Top it off with this patched bomber jacket from Forever 21 and achieve a similar look.

Collection: LIE by Chung Chung Lee

By now we've caught on that the 90's are coming back. You have the amazing slider shoes, Sporty Spice joggers, a sparkly cropped tank and a modern duster to pull this look together. Urban Outfitters has Addidas Original sliders online you can nab in a number of colors. Black joggers are accessible just about anywhere and Forever 21 is always an affordable go-to for on-point crop tops and tanks to fit the theme. This duster, though less embellished than the one on the model, seems to fit the bill as well.

Collection: Pure Imagination by Laurence & Chico

By and far the wildest look yet, we can still work with this. Urban Outfitters has an assortment of different striped pants to choose from depending on the look you want to achieve. H&M and Forever 21 both offer a fun ruffled tulle top in a tamer color. 

Whatever crazy fashion caught your eye, you have the ability to rock it on the daily. Don't be afraid to give it a try and see where it leads you. You might be surprised!


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