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Just like fashion trends, beauty trends come and go… and some come back again!  While there are some we hope never make a come back, like *cough* overalls, many old school hair and makeup trends come back to life to rule the red carpet, catwalks and everything else in between.

Check out my five favorite olden-day glamorous beauty trends and how celebrities have brought them back to life, and of course how you can too!

1. Sultry Vampy Lips

That infamous dark lipstick of the 80s had that not so impressive ability to make wearers look scary like Marilyn Manson or like a washed up junkie. As with any dark hue, this particular reddish brown shade added way too much severity and made even the darkest complexion look ghostly. Bottom line – the dark red lipstick of the 80s didn’t work on anyone, (sorry, Madonna).

Today, this vampire-esque trend has been updated in a fabulous way. With just the sweep of your favorite bronzer (I suggest Nars) and a touch of illuminator on your cheekbones, you’ll go from Goth to a sunkissed goddess like Camilla Belle at the Met Gala earlier this year. Helpful tips: When wearing bold lipsticks, always remember to wear Chapstick to avoid that dreaded flakey pout. Also, keep the rest of your makeup simple and classy, as not to look too costume-y.

2. High Ponytails

I am a personal lover and wearer of the high ponytail. It is the simplest and most loved hairstyle that has been embraced by everyone from high school cheerleaders to the most famous celebrities.

You can make your ponytail stand apart from the rest by smoothing down fly-aways with your favorite smoothing serum. For the highest ponytail, flip your head over, brushing hair towards the top of your head and securing it with a hair tie. Spritz it into place with hairspray. For a little extra glitz, decorate your pony with a fancy add on, like a sparkly wrap or a jeweled headband. The sky’s the limit, but really.

3. Doll Lashes

If only we were all blessed with those beloved doe eyes like Liza Minnelli’s (sigh). Good news for all you long-lash admirers, you can recreate Miss Minnelli’s lashes flawlessly all on your own.

For a new spin on the trend, take a cue from our modern-day doll eyed idol, Zooey Deschanel. All you have to do is buy a good pair of falsies and add them to your upper lash line, curl with an eyelash curler and then coat them with black volumizing and thickening mascara, like Dior Show by Dior. Your sumptuous lashes will have a major impact, so make sure the rest of your makeup is sweet and simple.

4. Bold Brows

It seems that every actress from the 70s had distinctive, ungroomed eyebrows, which may perhaps be an accidental oversight or maybe just pure negligence. Whatever the case may be, those bold brows are making a comeback after years of everyone over plucking and waxing their arches into pencil thin lines. Thankfully, the bushier trend (yes I said bushier, in a good way of course) leads to a more youthful looking brow, just like the effervescent Lilly Collins.

The new rule is, the bolder the brow the better, but don’t think about drawing them on. Keep your natural shape and fill in sparse areas with powder or pencil for a natural finish.

5. Cat Eyes

Women used to believe that black eye liner would make their eyes stand out, and while that is true in most cases, it can have the opposite effect when you cake on black liner to the top and bottom lash lines. Of course it worked for Brigiette Bardot, but for us mere mortals, packing on the liner will just make our eyes look small and gothic like, the two of which are anything but cute. 

You can take inspiration from Miss Bardot though and try cat-eye inspired strokes on the top of your lash line. This ultra sexy style not only adds an dash of drama, but will widen and elongate your eyes for those big eyes we lust after.

Which beauty trends do you wish would make a come back? We'd love to hear from you!

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