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KU Celebrities

Terri Harvey

By Jacey Lee Bishop
September 30, 2014 - 8:00am

     Sometimes in life, we let our hardships take us down to a dark place, and it seems as if we’ll never climb back into the light. Terri Harvey knows that dark place all too well, but instead of letting it trap her, she chooses to face the fight and use her own hardships to help others in life. Now a junior University Scholar majoring in Journalism (though considering switching to Sociology), Terri is currently an RA for Corbin hall, and last year served as an RA for Lewis Hall. At the end of her freshman year, Terri was given the devastating news that her boyfriend had taken his own life.  READ MORE

Sarah Larsen and Morgan Klug

By Emily Lenherr
September 27, 2014 - 2:46pm

Sarah Larsen and Morgan Klug are truly fearless. When they’re working together, anything is possible. No matter the issue, no matter the challenge, together, the two are unstoppable. As co-chairs for the family relations committee of KU Dance Marathon, the two are inseparable. They jokingly call themselves, “Morah,” and their comradeship is what makes them electric on and off the dance floor. Tied together by their central desire to change the world for the better, Morgan and Sarah appear larger than life. Both ladies dare to see the potential in the world, the places where things need to change, the successes that revolutionized the populations, and this objective view is what inspires each of them to do what they do best: inspire....

Mitch Rucker

By Jacey Lee Bishop
September 26, 2014 - 2:49pm

If you’re on the hunt for a student that lets nothing stand in his way, then Mitch Rucker (@mitchruckerKS) is your guy! As a senior at KU double majoring in Economics and Political Science, you’d think that Mitch would have his plate full enough with his studies, but that’s not the case! Mitch is a National Merit Scholar, an undergraduate teaching assistant at KU, an honors student and Honors Ambassador, a seminar assistant to Dr. Chris Wiles (Associate Director of the Honor’s Program), Secretary of his fraternity Alpha Tao Omega, part of the Jayhawkers coalition in Student Senate and has participated in Student Senate since his freshman year. READ MORE

Miranda Wagner

By Kalen Stockton
September 25, 2014 - 9:10am

You read the article, you tracked the hashtag, you probably saw the video, you might have even attended the sit in. The recent sexual assault mishandling by KU is one of the hottest issues on campus. Many students are trying to make their voices heard, and Miranda Wagner (@_mirandalw) wants to...

Natalie Parker

By Laura Lyndall Fagen
September 23, 2014 - 8:08am

This week, you may have seen advertising everywhere for KU Alternative Breaks (@kualbreaks), thanks in large part to the hard work of Natalie Parker. Natalie Parker (@natparker), a senior double majoring in Journalism and Global and International Studies is one lady who is always on the go. Besides acting as the PR Coordinator for KU Alternative Breaks for the last two years, Natalie is also the Communications Director for the KU The Future Majority, a Communications Intern for the campaign for Paul Davis for Governor, the Vice Chair of the Student Rights Committee for Student Senate, the KU Liaison for Students for a Sustainable Future and a member of the Mortar Board Senior Honor Society. READ MORE

Meet SUA President Bea Tretbar

By Laura Lyndall Fagen
September 20, 2014 - 11:43am

Ever been to a large concert or comedy event on campus? Or even a cooking or craft class? Chances are, Student Union Activities (SUA) was behind that event. And working behind the scenes for SUA to make sure all of these events go well is SUA President Bea Tretbar (@beatricetretbar). Bea is a senior from Wichita majoring in Journalism- Strategic Communications, while also minoring in business and economics. READ MORE

Richie Hernandez

By Jacey Lee Bishop
September 18, 2014 - 12:22pm

When you think of the words “dedicated” and “ambitious,” the first name that should come to your mind is most definitely Richie Hernandez. As a sophomore pre-law student double majoring in philosophy and political science, Richie is the prime example of a Jayhawk that goes above and beyond to achieve the goals he sets for himself. Originating from Kansas City’s own Wyandotte County, Richie always had his sights set on KU. When asked what made him choose The University of Kansas, he replied, “There really just wasn’t another option for me. I’m a Jayhawk through and through, and I’ve known it since the second I even thought about college. KU just struck me immediately as the place to be, so here I am. READ MORE...

TJ Blake

By Emily Lenherr
September 16, 2014 - 8:00am

TJ Blake will surely change the world one day. Any time spent with TJ will confirm this idea for sure. There’s something about his passion, his excitement for the future, the way his eyes glow when he’s truly devoted to something that makes him seem invincible. As a journalism and political science major, TJ is committed to standing up for those who deserve it most. With his extracurricular time, TJ is committed to his position on Student Senate, Student Union Activities work, University Events Committee, Alterative Breaks, the Honors Program and Hawks Helping Hawks. To top it all off, TJ also interns and works at the Kansas Union as an Event Services Coordinator. READ MORE

Rajvi Shah

By Emily Lenherr
September 11, 2014 - 8:00am

Rajvi Shah (@Rajvi Shah34) is one of those girls. She dares to change the world, dreams, and challenges everything and anything in the pursuit of progress. She’s the type of girl who is, quite literally, impossible to doubt. A sophomore majoring in neurobiology with a psychology minor, Rajvi Shah is no stranger to challenges. As a pre-med student with a plate full of activities, honors and commitments, she’s always on the go. She spends her time on campus as an Honors Program Ambassador, serving on the Honors Program Student Council and Student Health Advisory Board, committed to the pre-medical fraternity Phi Delta Epsilon, and dedicated to her job as secretary for the South Asian Student Association. READ MORE

Miranda Davis

By Emily Lenherr
September 4, 2014 - 8:29am

With her bright red hair blowing in the wind behind her, you might just think Miranda Davis (@MirandaDavisUDK) is Superwoman. One look at her long list of accomplishments and activities will confirm this idea for sure. Born and raised in Lawrence, Miranda learned long ago that KU was the best place for her. As she describes it, “KU felt like the place I could truly be myself.” As a junior double majoring in journalism and political science, Miranda has certainly had her fair share of Jayhawk love. She spends her time outside of classes writing as a Student Senate reporter for the UDK and as a general assignment reporter. READ MORE