The Best Deals for Buying and Selling Textbooks

One of the many expenses of college are the textbooks required for the classes we take. When I was a freshman, I just bought my books at the bookstores on campus. However, I learned that while that may be the most convenient option, it’s not necessarily the cheapest. So, for those of you who are like me, and want to spend the least amount of money possible on textbooks, here’s where I’ve found the best deals.

    I’ve bought books as cheap as $.01 on Amazon. Granted, that includes $3.99 shipping and handling, but it’s still cheaper than the bookstores on campus.  
    This EBay company is about the same as Amazon. Although, I’ve found Amazon to be the cheapest, this is a very competitive place to compare textbooks and find the best deals.
  1. Free and For Sale KU Facebook group
    Lucky for us, there is a group for KU students on Facebook to sell stuff, including textbooks and I’ve seen students sell some books for cheap and you don’t have to wait on shipping!
  1. Library
    If you really can’t afford to buy or rent books, then you can always check them out from the library.

Now that I’ve shared my advice about pricing textbooks at other places besides the bookstores, I also suggest you sell your textbooks at other places besides the bookstore because how many times have you purchased a textbook for $80 then sold it back only to receive $10? Because of this, I sell most of my books online at and Of course, this doesn’t work so well with books that are worth less than $5 because you’re not really making a profit from those in which case you’re probably better off selling those back to the bookstores or elsewhere in town.

Tell us where you purchase your textbooks!

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