5 Easy Updates to Make Your Space Look Pinterest Worthy!

Springtime arrives in a flurry of rain (or snow if you live in NE Ohio) washing away winter and ushering in warmer weather and lovely flowers. Every spring, I itch to reinvent. I start my spring cleaning, change my hair, buy a new lipstick and rearrange my furniture. This year, my interest in home decor is at an all time high! I blame Chip and Joanna Gaines! With that being said, I decided to spruce up my home. Sometimes it is hard to ball on a budget, but don't fear! I have some pointers to insure your home looks organized, personalized and Pinterest worthy! 

1. Flowers 

YAY! With new blooms popping up, look no further than your backyard! Free flowers are always a plus and nothing says spring like a pretty little bouquet sitting on the table! However, if you live in a city, check out bodegas or a farmer's market to find your favorite flowers. They always put a smile on my face and liven up a room!

2. Books 

I adore my abundance of books; however, I was sick of their current home, a large shelf. It seemed too traditional! So, I decided to experiment with stacking them in different places around the house. I made a little book nook on my mantel. I picked books of varying size and color to shake things up. My favorite ones are front and center to show off. The covers are too pretty not to make a centerpiece out of! They show off my personality well too! This is important to me because I always look to see what books reside around a home to glean more about the homeowner. 

3. Organization Trays 

I love trays because they are the perfect catchall! They keep surfaces in my home from looking cluttered. They also accessorize! The one below is bamboo, but I also have marble trays and silver trays in other rooms. Each one acts as a nice contrast to the area its placed. It breaks everything up! 

4. Wall Decals 

These adhesive decals don't ruin the paint on the wall, adhere easily and are minimal work! What's not to love? Plus, there are so many different decals out there. The one below lists house rules! I have also seen quotes, flowers, landmarks and so much more available to adorn homes with. 

5. Posters

This hack I am quite proud of! I just bought wrapping paper from Paper Source to hang up as a poster. It is a lot cheaper than buying traditional posters out there yet looks the same! Cavallini Papers & Co. is my fave brand to shop for wrapping paper turned poster. They have a lot of awesome vintage prints! 

I hope you try at least one of these tricks to transform your space!

Happy Spring! 

Malorie Newingham is a Fashion Merchandising major at Kent State University. She enjoys biking, hiking, attending concerts, and seeking out yummy new places to eat with friends. She believes traveling is essential because so much of who we are is where we have visited. On campus, you may spot Malorie reading outside of Rockwell Hall or grabbing chai tea with friends. Malorie enjoys writing because she can share her voice with others. As an author for Her Campus, she wants to keep her audience up to date on the latest trends and encourage them to take chances. Malorie hopes to find a job where she has the freedom to roam, hopefully in a Jeep with her black Labrador Bella, and discover local stores, quaint coffee shops, yoga studios, and so much more. She would love to write freelance features for different publications on her experiences. Currently, her favorite websites include Into The Gloss, Byrdie, Outdoor Voices, and The Everygirl.

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