Katie Andleton

Have you ever met someone that never fails to make you smile?  Someone that has a smile that’s just contagious?  Katie Andelton is one of those people.  A junior and Public Health Education major here at JMU, Katie is one of the most hard working students here who always keeps a steady smile.  

What organizations are you a part of on campus? 
I am mainly involved in and lead a Small Group of Freshmen girls in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. I've also been involved in JMU One, Community Activities Board (CAB), Nursing Students Association (NSA), Relay For Life, and the brief start up of a photography club named Mad Focus. I hope to become involved in JMU's Alternative Break Program, JMU's Marathon Dance 2012 and apply to be a FrOG by the end of this year!”

The organizations she is involved in stem around helping others.  But Katie doesn’t stop with getting involved in just JMU activities and organizations, she also volunteers for many other different programs at RISE, a local Harrisonburg Church she attends.
“Volunteering ranges from doing laundry for the local homeless (who stay in the church’s mission church for a week in the winter) to giving out free pizza near campus late on Saturday night. The InterVarsity small group I've been a part of since my freshmen year also sponsors and sends letters and care-packages to a beautiful Kenyan girl named Violet.”

What made you want to join all these organizations?
“First, I knew that I wanted to be involved in some sort of friendly, Christian, or service-oriented organization on campus, just so I could find a like-minded community of friends here. It wasn't long before I realized that I didn't have to look outside of my own classrooms or dorm building to find these people; I was surrounded!  My involvement in all my organizations has ultimately taught me how fortunate I am to be labeled a JMU Duke along side some of the most selfless, humble, determined, and joyful students and friends I've ever known!”

When I asked her about her future goals, plans, etcetera, Katie just laughed.  She said she is planning on graduating from JMU, as any student would like to accomplish, and take her degree abroad to teach public health to a distressed community.  Although, she states she wouldn’t mind staying stateside to teach public health to a non-profit organization.  But her goals don’t stop there - Katie would even like to enroll in an accelerated Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing to become a nurse!
Katie wants to leave JMU knowing that lives were impacted because of the progress she has made at JMU as an individual. “My life has been forever changed by the unreal amount of people who have invested time in my life since I’ve stepped foot on this campus.”