Ten Types of Tinder-actions

Tinder is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get. We already know about the different types of guys you will come across on Tinder, but there are various types of interactions you may have with them as well. And, if you’re on Tinder long enough, you just might get to experience them all.

  1. The Friendly Conversationalist: Not intimidating at all, this guy seems to just want to make friendly conversation and chat with you. You might even build a friendship with this match.
  2. The Poet: Ever-so-romantic, your match flatters you with a poem or song lyrics. Question is, is it cute or creepy?
  3. The Intellectual: Surprised to actually be mentally stimulated on Tinder, you have a back-and-forth about politics, religion, life, etc.
  4. The Friend: We all see guy friends on Tinder. If we both swipe right, the conversation will likely be jokey and friendly or -- wait, does he actually like you?
  5. The Hook-Up Seeker: He might start out with a blatant "DTF?" and get rejected. Or your conversation may slowly become frisky, but we all know where this one is going.
  6. The Boyfriend Material: This guy is serious about dating. He wants a girl to take out and maybe even wife up. But is that what you want, too?
  7. The Rando: An interesting character who throws something different and unexpected at you. You'll either find him a bit weird or cool and unique.
  8. The Not-So-Secret Admirer: This is the guy who is in love with you at first swipe. He showers you with compliments and likes all your moments, even the bad ones.
  9. The Jokester: Throwing out jokes left and right, this is the fun type of conversation we may enjoy the most on Tinder.
  10. The Silent Type: Possibly the most annoying type of interaction, the guy gives one-word replies or starts with a "Hey, what's up?" and then says no more. Guess it's time to keep swiping!

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