Fashion Trends From 90’s Shows

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We all know and love the shows which consumed our childhood. Now they are making a comeback through the styles that are back in fashion. 

Clarissa Explains It All: Shorts and Tights
We all know and love Melissa Joan Hart’s role in Clarissa Explains It All; a witty, sarcastic teenager who had a unique sense of fashion.  Now her distinctive style is back via shorts and tights. Clarissa, we salute you.

Saved by the bell: Crop Tops
Kelly Kapowski is practically synonymous with style. From off the shoulder sweaters, to high waisted pants, to crop tops; Kelly always dressed to impress. You have Ms. Kapowsi to thank for you Saturday night outfit inspiration.

That 70’sShow: Flared Jeans
If the women of That 70’s Show haven’t persuaded you to participate in this fashion trend, I don’t know who will. Jackie, Donna, and Laurie rocked these jeans with ascots and psychedelic shirts. Although the ascots may have gone out of style, their jean choices will never fail you.

Full House: Flannels
If you are unfamiliar with any fashion trends from Full House, stop reading now. As a staple of my childhood, I would copy every character’s style…even Kimmy Gibbler’s to my dismay. But I had a certain penchant for DJ’s comfy flannels. The next time you throw on that plaid button down for class, think of DJ Tanner. And if you don’t…How rude!

Sister Sister: Jean Vests
I remember viewing Tia and Tamera Mowry’s fashion sense as quirky. But, as history repeats itself…so does fashion. The denim clad duo definitely showed us a thing or two about how to wear jean vests. Whether over a tank, a dress, or a tee this article of clothing can be thrown over anything. Mad props sistas!


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