• Juice Cleanse Anyone?

    I get easily hangry, so I warned a few people not to test me at all during this cleanse.

  • 10 Budget Friendly Gift Ideas

    Holiday shopping is hard, especially when you're on a strict budget. If you're strapped for holiday cash, don't panic! There are a ton of...

  • Eco Rep, Kendall Wald

    Name: Kendall Wald Year: Freshman Major: Environmental Science with Minor in Outdoor Adventure Leadership On November 30, Sustain IC and...

  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    Nintendo is starting to branch out with apps, and their newest release is the highly anticipated Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. Like its...

  • Thanksgiving Break as a Freshman

    I love my family very much, I promise. But, ever since I left for college things have been, understandably, different when I come home. I...

  • Cortaca '17: Return of the Jug

    There's nothing like seven years of defeat to sweeten the taste of victory. This past Saturday in the 59th annual Cortaca Jug game, Ithaca...

  • The Dangers of Ethnocentrism: Woman Arrested in Zimbabwe

    In America, this sort of charge is completely unheard of. Under this ideology, the entirety of America would be in jail from the fewer Obama haters to the many Trump despisers. Most Americans wouldn’t think of Twitter as a platform of free speech, yet it is. Around the world, social media is viewed as an extremely strong and sometimes scary platform for many government officials.

  • Loving Vincent Review

    Over 100 artists are fluent in Vincent van Gogh’s painting style painted each frame of the movie, so the entire time you’re watching, you feel like you’re inside of one of the famous artist’s paintings.

  • Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

    Nintendo announced last week that they will release "Animal Crossing" game, this time for your smartphone. It will be released in late...

  • Can Sexism in Hollywood Ever End?

    It’s hard to imagine that anyone, especially men, would be surprised by the allegations of sexual assault and harassment that have been...

  • Winter Tips for Nappy Headed Gods/Goddesses

    It is about that deadly time of year. You moisturize your hair every single morning, yet you get back to your room feeling as if your hair has done you wrong. The dry cold sucks moisture out of every fabulously curly strand of your beautiful hair. You’ve got to do something, but what could it be? Here are five tips on keeping your hair happy and nappy during the winter time.

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