DIY Soda Maker Proves Better Than Regular Soda On All Accounts

Raise your hand if you’ve ever given up soda--- whether it was for a diet, Lent, or just from the guilt of all the negative health articles. If your hand is raised, there’s good news. A new way to drink soda has arrived, and it involves less calories (yay!) and more money in your pocket (double yay!). Sodastream is a new product that can bring the fizz back into a carbonation free life. Sodastream allows the consumer to turn regular water, even tap water, into carbonated water so they can make their own soda. It also makes flavor packets that mimic the flavors of the most popular sodas like Pepsi, Coke, Dr. Pepper, Sprite, and many more.

Sodastream is a better alternative to regular soda for several reasons, the first being health. Sodastreams flavor packets have less calories, carbs, sugar, sodium, and caffeine than regular soda. For example, Sodastream cola has 66 fewer calories than Pepsi and Coke, 18 less grams of carbs and sugar, two milligrams of sodium and only 15 milligrams of caffeine. While 34 calories per serving still isn’t very healthy, it is definitely better than 100. Also, Sodastream offers diet flavors, lemonade, Crystal Light, and Sparkling Naturals that are made with cane sugar and other all-natural ingredients to provide even further health benefits.

Another reason Sodastream is better than regular soda is price. A can of soda from the store can range from $0.50 to $1.00, but the equivalent of one can of Sodastream is only $0.25, saving the consumer money in the long run. Sodastream will also save space in addition to money since one flavor bottle equals 33 cans of soda. Sodastream can also be used to make sparking water, which is $1.00 to $1.25 per liter at the store, and $0.25 per liter with Sodastream.

Did I also mention Sodastream’s eco-friendly? Making soda at home with tap water means using less cans and plastic bottles that hurt the earth and take lots of energy to make. Sodastream is considered an “active green” product because consumers are actively reducing their carbon footprint every time they make soda from home. One soda carbonator makes 60 to 110 liters of soda, which is the equivalent to 170 or 310 aluminum cans. Even the carbonator is reused so there’s no waste. For any earth friendly soda lovers, Sodastream is a dream come true.

While soda remains unhealthy in any way the facts are spun, it is possible to enjoy it with a little less guilt. Sodastream is a better alternative to regular soda in aspect to health, price, and carbon footprints. Soda should still be consumed in little to no moderation for the best health benefits, but for soda lovers across the board, Sodastream offers a reason to rejoice.

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