A Cute and Easy Craft Using Lilly Pulitzer Agenda Pages

Wondering what to do with your old Lilly Pulitzer agenda? Well, this DIY is the perfect way to give new life to the patterned pages of your old agenda and not only is it super easy but it’s inexpensive too!


  • Pages from a Lilly Pulitzer agenda
  • An picture frame (I chose an 8 by 10 white one.) 
  • Scissors
  • Tape


1. Tear out the pages from the agenda that have the infamous Lilly patterns covering the whole page. These are generally the pages that mark the start of a new month.

2: Cut the patterned paper down into more manageable pieces. Personally, I made cuts based on what part of the pattern I wanted to include on the mat of the frame.

3: Using the mat from the frame as a template, start to add your pattern pieces to cover all the white space of the mat. I did it so that each of the pattern pieces would be a different size rather than all the same, but whichever way you prefer works.

4: Once you’ve decided where you want to place the patterned sheets, tape them down to the mat. Because I didn’t cut the pieces to fit the matte exactly, I just folded the excess paper over to the back and taped it down that way.

5: Insert your newly Lilly-patterned mat back into the frame and there you have it!

Now not only do you have a custom frame, but also a great way to recycle your old agenda rather than just throwing it out! Since Lilly agendas come with a ton of patterned paper, you could do this craft a bunch of different times.

You could complete the same project covering a wooden picture frame or letters. Follow the same steps above but instead of tape, use modge podge to attach the paper to the wood. A frame or letters make for easy and cute room decor as well.

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