Campus Celebrity: Sabrina Santucci

Sabrina Santucci is a 21-year-old senior at the U of I going after her goals. Majoring in Broadcast Journalist with a minor in Communication, she is actively involved in her sorority Kappa Alpha Theta, is a writer for the Buzz Magazine and is also an employee of WILL-TV. But all of that got even more exciting when she landed a dream internship at Lucky Magazine. Yes, you heard me right, Lucky, one of the most successful and popular magazines out there for women. Her Campus Illinois sits down with Sabrina to hear what it was like.
HC: So you interned for Lucky magazine, that’s like every girl’s dream! How did you hear about it and what was the process of getting the internship?
I heard about it through my internship coordinator. I applied for it as well as several other internships in NYC. I did a phone interview and then ended up getting the internship with Lucky.
HC: What can you tell me about it?
Well it was in NYC over winter break so I was there for about 5 weeks and I interned 3 or 4 days out of the week depending on how much they needed me. I stayed in an apartment in the city with girls that go to NYU. I worked from about 10 a.m.-6 p.m. and I worked under their online producer as an online production intern. Basically, I helped them do all their online production for their website. I worked in a content management system, which is building and formatting what you see on the website like blog entries and slide shows. I also did a lot of research for their website and their videos.
HC: Do you think you could see yourself living and working in NYC permanently?
Yes, I definitely want to go back!
HC: What have you learned after this amazing experience?
The biggest thing I learned is how important networking is and how important real-world experience is outside of the classroom!
HC: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I know I definitely want to go into broadcast and multimedia journalism.

HC: What kind of advice would you give younger girls who aspire to get an internship like you had?
I would just say to look beyond where you live, step out of your comfort zone because you’ll learn the most from those kinds of experiences. Never limit yourself.
HC: Anything else to add about your time at Lucky?
My favorite part about the internship was that it was fashion, beauty and celebrity coverage. I had never gotten to do that before so it was a great learning experience and also very fun.