Tailgate with style

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It’s football season. And you know what that means … tailgating! Here are a few options for you to stay stylish while cheering on the Redbirds!

1. Neon ISU tanks
These are a good option because the fit is comfortable and they look super cute on! Campus town has a wide variety of colors to choose from and they can go with any sort of bottoms. Leggings, jeans, shorts, or yoga pants would look great with one of these tanks!

2. DIY Cut Off
For those super sunny days a cut off might be a great choice. Students get a bunch of free shirts throughout the year whether they are the red alert shirts, or regular old ISU red and white shirts, you most likely have a few of them to spare. Take one and make your own cut off and sport an off the shoulder look with a pair of jeans.

3. Rock your school colors
A fun way to dress up and still be in school spirit is to dress in the colors of your school. So, for us Redbirds, an easy way to do this would be to wear red jeans and a white top. This way you can get a little dressier than normal but still fit in at the tailgate.

4. Plain Jane
You can’t go wrong with the classic ISU t-shirt, white shorts, and a pair of flats. This look is never out of style and you can be comfortable all day long. Throw on a pair of shades and you’re set to go for the day.

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