Six costumes to avoid this Halloween

So it’s that time of year again. Halloween is right around the corner and we’re proposed with a major question. WHICH WEEKEND ARE WE SUPPOSED TO CELEBRATE?! Many of you are quick to answer, “both, duh.”

Does this mean we must have a different costume for Thursday through Saturday each weekend? That’s six costumes! I don’t know about you but my budget doesn’t really include this. So as we scramble to the various Halloween stores around BloNo trying to figure out something “creative” to be, take a second to think about homemade costumes. T

he Halloween stores have been carrying the same 30 costumes for the last six years, am I right?
Try to avoid looking like a Halloween repeat this year and keep away from these six overused costumes.

1. The sexy police officer/sexy nurse
I understand these choices may seem like a go to costumes for most of you, considering pretty much every college girl has been a cop or a nurse before. I’m sure you can rummage through a friend’s closet and find it. I too have fallen victim to the cop costume before, but let’s be honest; these costumes are outdated. Try being a sexy inmate instead.

2. The Ladybug/Bumble Bee
I’m honestly not even sure why these costumes are popular. Does anyone even like bumble bees? Probably not considering all they do is sting people. I will also always hold a hatred for ladybugs ever since living in Watterson freshman year where there was literally a ladybug infestation. I’m talking like 20-30 ladybugs flying around my boyfriend’s dorm room. ANYWAYS, a good replacement for this costume would be angel or devil. I know that these are also common costumes but you can go opposite as your friend and put your own personal touch on them!

3. Snooki
This costume was a huge trend about four years ago but I still have yet to celebrate Halloween without seeing some girl with a short dress, hair poof and those weird glasses telling everyone she’s Snooki. If you want to get creative, go as pregnant Snooki.

4. Duct Tape Dresses
No, just no. If I see one more girl in a duct tape dress I will cry for her thinking about how many times she must have peed on herself that night. I’m sure you’ve seen a million different dresses such as beer cans, ipods, crayons, etc. Let’s be honest, We ALL can see these dresses are extremely uncomfortable as well as almost impossible to pee in, seriously… think about it. I’m sure you don’t really want to be suffocated for hours and attempt to dance while you’re being smothered by the tightness of the duct tape. Do yourself and your body a favor, find another costume.

5. Mouse, bunny, cat or anything else with “ears”
I know it may seem like the easy way out to buy some ears and a tale and wear a little black dress, but is that really a costume? Not really. Get creative! Grab two friends; wear little black dresses with mouse ears and a tail. Add black sunglasses and a cane and bump into things as you’re walking (obviously don’t do this in front of a police officer; he may think you are intoxicated.) Voila, the Three Blind Mice.

6. Lady Gaga
Unless you want you want to be the weird girl dressed in an egg, avoid this costume.(Remember the Grammy’s in 2011) Odds are, people won’t even recognize your costume if it’s just blonde wig, weird glasses and some colored dress.

So grab some friends and head to a thrift shop. Get creative, Halloween is a holiday where you can dress up as something totally crazy and get away with it!