Our Favorite Winter Nail Polish Colors

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For me, it is almost impossible to go into a store without buying nail polish. Some people have extensive shoe, scarves or makeup collection but my money goes towards nail polish. My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy, but he just doesn’t understand that YES, I really do need 10 different shades of pink. Nail polish can be a great statement to any winter outfit. Here are a few nail colors to pick up at the store this winter and a few to put away until spring!


Do: Essie: Chinchilly

This is the perfect winter color, it’s almost a grayish purple and compliments outfits really well! It’s a super popular color though, so make sure you get it fast before it’s gone!

Don’t: Essie: Lights

Keep the hot pinks for summer. Winter tones are 

soft and subtle, not vibrant and crazy!

Do: OPI: Diva of Geneva

This purple is a great shade for winter. It has a hint of gold to it which makes it perfect for any outfit.

Don’t: OPI: Did It on Em’

This neon yellow is an awesome color! Just not for winter. I love this shade but it is way too summery to wear while its snowing.

Do: Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails: Grey Area

The dark shades for fall are a huge hit. This grey color is nice and dark, without being totally black. I love OPI brand nail polish, but it is extremely expensive! Sally Hansen’s hard as nails is my favorite drugstore brand. You can get it for around three dollars a bottle at Wal-Mart.

Don’t: Sally Hansen’s Hard as Nails: Green with Envy

This is one of my favorite summer or spring shades, but again… it is way too vibrant for winter time.


Other stylish shades for winter:

Essie: Flawless- A soft pink shade

Essie: Café forgot- A go-to nude shade

Essie: Clutch me if you can- A chocolate cherry shade.

OPI: Chicago Champagne Toast- A soft dark pink with brown undertones

OPI: DS Mystery- a dark violet with shimmer

OPI: Coney Island Cotton Candy- a  warm light pink

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