• Some of the WORST Things That Can Happen To You While Abroad

    When students talk about their time spent studying abroad, most usually sugarcoat it and choose to tell you about all the good things rather than about their bad experiences. But YES those bad experiences do exist and I figured I'd share with you a couple of them (some of which happened to me personally.)

  • Campus Cutie: Jonavin Freeman '21

    Hobart and William Smith’s Campus Cutie of the week is Jonavin Freeman! Jon is currently a first year at HWS and plans on being a...

  • The Pasta America is Missing Out On

    When you think of Italy what comes to mind first other than pizza? Obviously pasta. You always hear how Italy has the best pasta in the world and now after living here for two months I know how true that is.

  • Recently Released Albums

    A lot of great music has come our way this past year (and past week), so I wanted to make a short list of some great new albums you may...

  • Why Sleep Is Very Important

    Midterm season is behind us, and your campus is undoubtedly clogged with sluggish, over-caffeinated, exhausted, #stressedtodeath students...

  • What Friendship Means to Me

    On March 1st of last spring, my mom’s best friend’s daughter was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. She’s only 11 years old...

  • My First HWS Day of Service

    One of the great things that Hobart and William Smith Colleges is proud to talk about is the fact that we are the 8th ranked higher...

  • Campus Celebrity: Carter Rostron

    Meet the Newest Campus Celebrity of the week! Carter Rostron is a sophomore here at the Colleges! He can be found all over campus from...

  • Campus Cutie: Molly Quinn '20

    The Basics Name : Molly Quinn (MQ) Year : 2020 Major : Studio Art Hometown : Rockville Centre, Strong Island, NY Activities : William Smith...

  • Abroad Lesson #3: Culture Shock is REAL

    I love Rome, I really do. I love learning about a new culture and fully immersing myself within that culture, but I would be lying if I told you that I love everything about Italian culture. Before coming abroad as students we were all warned that we would most likely experience some sort of culture shock at some point. I never really gave it much thought because I assumed people were just talking about the fact that I would be shocked and surprised at how different some aspects of society are here, but no.

  • Rape Culture in the US

    If you’ve been following the news or have been on the Internet at all recently, I’m sure you have seen the allegations of sexual assault...

  • Campus Cutie: Kayla McEachern '19

    Hobart and William Smith’s Campus Cutie of the week is Kayla McEachern! Kayla is currently a junior at HWS. She is a psychology major and...


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