Professor, We Have a Problem...

When that dreaded time machine hits 7 a.m., blaring a series of bleeps and bangs, forcing us out of the safety and comfort of our warm beds into the polar caps of the morning, help is obviously needed. We trudge through the morning, attempting to find ways to stay focused, or more importantly, stay awake. We drink our Muddy Waters coffee to appease
the hungry monster that resides in our stomachs. We sketch overly detailed portraits of the classroom instead of taking notes. Brave souls zone out on their professor’s wacky hairstyle in an attempt to feign interest, all the while stifling a yawn that threatens to betray the fact that we are bored beyond relief. We might glare at the peppy mutant girl in our class, with her time-consuming make-up, leaving the rest of us looking like extras from
The Walking Dead. Let’s face it: the average student is not built for 8 a.m. classes, yet they are painfully necessary for our survival in the academic setting.

Read on for tips and tricks on how to get your butt out of bed and prepare yourself for those dreadfully early classes.


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