What a Lady Looks Like

A Queen...not one to be used to the point

That the soles of her heart peal back the seams of her sneaks

Not necessarily prissy...but womanly enough to give her spouse the respect he needs

Needless to say she is above average see

She soars above the sky skinny dipping in the blessing of her life

Bare chested, she stands a God

TRUTH revealed the aspects that make her genetics be realized

But breast are not what make women come to life

But they do

Feed the spirit that struggle out of her womb

And as a woman she rises from the tomb of being  a ho, a b*tch, a slut, a milk truck

Or anything else that deflates her power, her sacredness

And if she has ever baked Pumpkin Pie on a fall day

Sweetness would not refer to the opening of her legs but to the kindness of her fingertips

Her pride and demand for respect trips those who attempt to belittle her, talk... ..out of ....turn to her

And you best believe her sistahs got her back

Wiping their hands clean of dirty plates left in the sink.

She's not a  dish washer or a necessarily a "housewife"

But a lady who can be multipalllllyy dynamic

Divide 6 by 6 and she can still be the square root holding down the family

Holding down the culture, laying a foundation

And because she was so highly honored, a legend of dignity

Museums would be the only place to persevere her life of  intellectuality

Exhibits would be the mouth of a nation

spreading word of this Queens Greatness

The Civil War couldn't even immolate her face

She's a Cannon detonated from her ancestors grace.

She's a Lady

Now we have to envision the image of a man.

What would that be?