What I'm Happy About Today: Alvin Hannon

Having a bad day? College getting you down? Do you go to Howard University? Then we get it. College can have some of the best and worst of times. This column is a gateway for students to know that they aren’t alone in our large Bison family. I hope that hearing from your peers will continue to give you hope to keep going on another day.  


Meet Alvin Hannon, a sophomore Elementary Education Major from Prince George’s County, MD.

Avery: What are you currently happy about today or just in life in general? 

Alvin: I am happy that I am off Academic Probation and that I changed my major to follow my passion of being an educator.

Avery: How do you keep yourself motivated during the darkest of times?

Alvin: Definitely music. I listen to music when I feel like I can’t make it through the day

Avery: What advice would you give to someone who is down in the dumps?

Alvin: That there is always a tomorrow. Just because one day doesn’t work out doesn’t mean that you should give up hope for the rest of the days.

Avery: Do you have any rituals you do to keep a good mojo going throughout your day?

Alvin: I try to keep my phone on do not disturb to stay focused.

Avery: What is one of your favorite memories so far at Howard University?

Alvin: Meeting my School of Education cohort last semester and that’s because they push and support me every day.

Avery: What is one thing you wish someone told you before attending Howard?

Alvin: “It’s hard out here."

Avery: What is one motivational quote/piece of writing that keeps you going on a day to day basis?

Alvin: Basically, that just because today wasn’t your day, doesn’t mean that tomorrow won’t be.

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Avery Taylor is a sophomore Elementary Education major and Afro American Studies minor from Long Island, NY. She has always had a strong passion for helping children and giving back to her community. Avery has been dancing and writing poetry all her life and feels like working with Her Campus is the next way for her to use her creativity to give back! Avery been published in 4 literary magazines in her hometown but continues to write on her own free time as she continues her education at Howard University. She plans on going to South Africa in the winter of 2017 with YAALI to do research their in education systems in comparison to what we have in the states. Avery just wants to continue to be the best example for all young woman around her but especially African American women! Her daily mantra is "strive to inspire before you expire" just to remind her of her purpose in society.

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