Want to Write for Her Campus Howard? Here's How You Can!

Her Campus Howard is launching a contributing writers program!

That's right! If you have a story to tell, an event or program you want to share info about or a topic you have an opinion about-- let us know!

In order to open up our platform to more of the Howard community that may not be members of Her Campus Howard, we want to extend the opportunity to you to share your voice. We also want to open up a line of communication to make sure we produce the content you want to see. If you know of someone on campus who's popping, interview them and we'll share it! If you want to write a "press release" for an event going on at Howard or in the D.C. community, we'll be more than willing to help you make it happen!

If you or your organization is interested in the Contributing Writers Program, check out more information here.

Lead Image: Daxiao Productions/ Shuttershock

Kési Felton is a sophomore at Howard University in Washington, DC majoring in Journalism. Having attended writing and photojournalism summer camps, and growing up around Atlanta's CNN Center she discovered her love for journalistic writing. Recently, she rediscovered writing as a way to share her life experiences and connect with a larger audience. Through writing about pertinent social, political, and cultural issues, she hopes to establish her unique identity as a Black female journalist.

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