Preparing for Bison Ball

Every spring students come together for Howard University’s Student Association’s (HUSA) Bison Ball. At this event, the efforts of students and staff throughout the school year are commemorated and recognized. Obtaining shoes, hair, make up, and formal attire are all amongst the list of to-dos as students hastily prepare for this formal occasion.  Many students spend months in advance shopping and preparing for their attire, down to the color lipstick they plan to wear.


“Look, I just ordered this orange lip from MAC,” Haben Mebrahtu, Senior Sociology major said. “I think it will be a good change from the common red lip most girls pair with formals.”
Howard University is ranked not only for student’s ground breaking academic abilities, but also by the trendsetting style abilities of its students, and the Bison Ball is the last formal event of the academic school year for these elite abilities to be shown.
“This will actually be my first year attending, so I ordered something extra special for my debut to the Bison Ball,” Andrea Donelson, Junior Psychology major said. “I can’t wait until it gets here, so I can see the looks on my housemate’s faces.
Students spend hundreds of dollars in preparation for this prestigious event, but some wonder if the focus is being shifted to a fashion show more than to recognize the accolades of their peers.
“After talking to my friends, I am unsure if this is something I want to even participate in anymore,” Jasmine Green Freshman said. “I don’t see myself spending that much money to prep for one night—maybe my senior year, but definitely not now.”
Although women have higher expenses, men also have a great deal of preparation for the big event.
“I know I don’t have to do the whole hair and nails thing, but I still have a lot to do,” Miles Holland Junior Psychology major said. “I have to make sure my tuxedo is ready in time and I still haven’t made the reservations for dinner.”
To participate in all of the festivities HUSA has planned in celebration of the Bison Ball is $50. However, there is a package deal available for students who decide to purchase a table.
“My friends and I decided to do the table thing because we would have gravitated to each other anyway,” Julia Mollenthiel, Junior English major said.
While some students are planning to make this night all about friendly congregation, others are looking forward to the collegiate honors that will be made.
“My best friend applied for a scholarship that I believe will be announced during the Bison Ball, and I am crossing my fingers that she wins,” Nia Henry, junior Political Science major said. “How could we not be dressed to impress, especially if she wins the scholarship?”
Regardless of the source of excitement, all students who are planning to attend the Bison Ball can agree that it is one of the most memorable moments of the academic school year at Howard University.
“This is my senior year, and I can’t think of a better way to end it with my friends,” Mebrahtu said.