Her Campus Howard Snapshot

  • November's First Friday 2015

    On a beautiful & unusually warm November day we stopped to admire two collegiettes First Friday style. While the beauty on the left is...


    During the Bison's winning Halloween game against Savannah State University the Showtime Marching Band wore all black, instead of their...

  • HU v. HU Classic

    On Sept. 18, Howard University faced off against Hampton University at the annual Nation’s Classic in Washington D.C. Howard was able to...

  • Graduation!

    Preparations are already being made for graduation! Good luck with you future endeavors Class of 2012.

  • Greeks!

    If you were out on the yard around lunch time, you would have had a preview of the bustle on the yard!

  • 145th Convocation

    Howard University is celebrates its 145th birthday! Keep up the good looks HU!

  • Blackburn!

    Students flock to the Blackburn Center--the place to be after classes end!

  • Warm Winter Days

    Howard University Students enjoying the suprisingly warm weather in February.

  • The Punchout!

    After a long week of classes, the Punchout is the place to be on a Friday afternoon!

  • The Library of Congress

    Many Howard University Bison have flocked to the picturesque Library of Congress in order to study for finals...and get a change of scenery!

  • Watch The Throne Concert

    This past weekend, many Howard students flocked to see the Watch The Throne Concert. A higly anticipated event, Watch The Throne was a...