Her Campus Howard Snapshot

  • Graduation!

    Preparations are already being made for graduation! Good luck with you future endeavors Class of 2012.

  • Greeks!

    If you were out on the yard around lunch time, you would have had a preview of the bustle on the yard!

  • 145th Convocation

    Howard University is celebrates its 145th birthday! Keep up the good looks HU!

  • Blackburn!

    Students flock to the Blackburn Center--the place to be after classes end!

  • Warm Winter Days

    Howard University Students enjoying the suprisingly warm weather in February.

  • The Punchout!

    After a long week of classes, the Punchout is the place to be on a Friday afternoon!

  • The Library of Congress

    Many Howard University Bison have flocked to the picturesque Library of Congress in order to study for finals...and get a change of scenery!

  • Watch The Throne Concert

    This past weekend, many Howard students flocked to see the Watch The Throne Concert. A higly anticipated event, Watch The Throne was a...

  • Early Winter?

    The weather stunned many DC residents this past Saturday as the weather pattern shifted from relatively decent to unbearable! The good news...

  • Homecoming!

    Howad University Bison playing one of the biggest games of the year.

  • Fall at Howard

    Howard University welcomes the new fall season as the leaves change slowly from green to red, brown and orange on the Yard.

  • Froyo!

    This self-serve soft-serve shop is located near Howard University's Meridian Hill Hall dormitory on 14th Street in Columbia Heights . The...

  • A Beacon of Pride

    Founder's Library, one of the oldest buildings on campus, is still standing strong.

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