On the Air with Jordan Bailey

Jordan Bailey, a sophomore Audio Production major, is slowly trying to make his way in the music industry. Since moving from his hometown in West Philadelphia, PA, Bailey has sought to spread his passion for music throughout Howard and ultimately the rest of the nation. He presently writes songs and works as an on-air personality for WHBC.

How did you get involved with WHBC830am.com?

An advisor suggested I try on-air radio. I then auditioned and became an on-air personality for WHBC.

 What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to write songs and write poetry in my free time.

How do you see yourself in a few years?

In a few years I see myself signed under a major record label as a songwriter…hopefully (laughs).

What are three words friends/family would use to describe you?

Prolific, Relaxed, Smooth (laughs)

What advice would you give for aspiring broadcast journalists, aspiring broadcast journalists, performers, rappers, etc.?

As a rapper, I tell others to be as unique as possible. It also helps to be a visionary when it comes to setting goals for yourself.

What are some extra facts about yourself?

Black is Beautiful video coming soon!!!

Kalia Williams sophomore English major with a a minor in Journalism. She is from McAllen, TX, a budding town on the border of Texas and Mexico. She is interested in fashion, cinematography, traveling and learning languages. In addition to writing for HerCampus-Howard University, she serves as the editor of Sterling Notes, the literary magazine at Howard University. She is an avid fan of soccer and aspires to go to the World Cup 2014 in Brazil!