Post Spring Break Featurette: Iceland Photo Journal

Few will decide to use spring break to go to a place that has the word “ice” in it, but one of my friends happened to be this person, and instead of writing down her rave review, I decide to be far more succinct, and just post some of her photos. (A picture is worth a thousand words, is it not?)


Iceland is great for a couple of reasons: (I personally, think all Scandinavian countries are awesome awesome awesome in general, probably because of their cold weathers, tall people, and vikings...or something of the sort.) It has beautiful landscapes, including vast glaciers, mountains, fjords, icy geographic formations that I no longer remember the names to...AND THE NORTHERN LIGHTS! You can see the Northern Lights in Iceland (if the weather is nice.) In terms of furry creatures, Iceland is home to the premium, elitist Icelandic horses, to whom I will be dedicating a couple photos and sentences in a bit. The population is 600,000, according to my unreliable sources.


It is also a great place to go to under a budget.


Of course, the weather is indeed a little temperamental, but if you go to Harvard, honestly, that is not at all an unfamiliar experience. (Hello, blizzard in the middle of March/Spring break.)


Without further ado, here is my friend Radhika’s Photo Journal: Spring Break in Iceland. (Photo credits all belong to Radhika Goyal unless stated otherwise.)












As promised! The Icelandic horses! You cannot find them anywhere else, and they are an extremely pure-bred breed. They have two more gaits than most horses (walk, trot, canter, gallop + 2 more), whereas Mongolian horses have one extra gait. These horses cannot be imported, and cannot be mated with other species.





Our beloved photographer! There she is!



The Northern lights, Aurora Borealis, as seen in the beautiful night sky. (Photo Credit: Jocelyn Ching)


Love it? Then put Iceland as a destination on your next vacation!