The Not So Good Things At Yardfest

While we wait endlessly for the reveal of the Yardfest artist who will try to wow us in Tercentenary Theatre, we also think about how great that day will be. From the music, the activities, and to the Instagram photos we take, we can have a ton of fun. But sadly, it is not always fun and games. There are some things you should know if this is your first time or to remember if your memories of past Yardfests have been covered by a wonderful nostalgic haze.


  1. The Lines



From waiting for dinner which usually consists of the usual hamburgers and salad to queues of your fellow students who want to get the same free goodies as you do. Face it, you will be on the line a lot during Yardfest. In general, waiting for these things doesn’t seem that bad especially with a history of waiting on line in Annenberg or waiting to return dishes after meals. But then you realize the worst line of all: the bathroom line. And it is so much worse during Yardfest. People filing forever in a building just to use the same two bathroom stalls and some people may not be in the soberest state to make the best decisions on the line. Sometimes, you might just go back to your own dorm or House because it would be so much faster.


2) Being Stuck in the Crowds


Though it is great to be amongst everyone you know and don’t know, that means it could be a great mess. Especially when all the acts started to perform and most people have already arrived at Harvard Yard. In certain areas, you will feel squished by the many people who also chose to be in the same exact area at the same time. You have to maneuver in order to find a little bit of breathing room to survive. And forget about it when you happen to be directly in front of everyone and near the stage. Have a friend with you at all times not only to double your fun but also to help escort you out to avoid being crushed. As they maybe say in Friday Night Lights, “Clear eyes, Full hearts, Can’t Lose [Your Head in the Crowd].”


3) Trying to See Anything, Especially when Vertically Challenged




Shout out to all my short people trying to live their best life on campus. In general, you have to go the extra mile in order to do tasks like the long reach for that book on the top shelf of Lamont and Widener. But Yardfest brings a different beast of problems. For one, you may not be able to see anything including the opening acts, depending on who is in front of you and surrounding you. This makes it more difficult to find your friends or to leave if you wanted to. Even average sized people get unlucky when they happen to be behind someone who is extremely tall. You have to rely on a) being far in the back to barely see anything or b) the kind shoulders of a taller person who can help you see the artist for at least a bit (or just one Insta photo). Don't bank on it though.


4) Because Yardfest Happens When it’s Cold or Wet



Just kidding, Yardfest was never that cold. But hopefully, this year’s Yardfest happens on a great, warm, and calm day and climate change doesn't create something drastic and unexpected. But remember, some previous Yardfest were damp, chilly, windy or all of the above. So your experience of the event wasn't entirely the best it could be. You would love to walk around enjoying the live bands and meeting everyone you know, but you want to maintain your body heat for as long as possible too. You came out to have a good time and you’re honestly feeling so attacked by the elements. You could bring a warmer jacket or an umbrella to avoid getting really wet, but you won’t. 


5) It Only Happens Once A Year



There are few opportunities where the whole college can get together in one place, having a great time. This also signals the end of the school year, meaning that there are only a few weeks left until people go their separate ways, more so if you are a senior. Despite all the potential problems that could and will occur at Yardfest, you wouldn’t give up these memories for a long time.

Kamara is a Junior in Leverett House. She loves talking about food, baby animals, food, unfunny jokes and of course, food.

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