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Nosayr Yassin '14

Posted Nov 19 2012 - 12:00pm
Tagged With: Harvard cutie

Year: Junior - 2014

House: Mather Haus - aka the best. 


Hometown: Arraba, Israel (somewhere in the north) 
Concentration: Economics and a minor in Computer Science
What are you involved with on campus?: Entrepreneurship, Fraternity stuff (SAE!), and useless politics. 
Describe yourself in three words: I work out. 
How would you define your personal style?: When my friends and I decide to launch a hamburger to space, I say: "how high, bro?". But actually. Youtube: Hamburger in Space. 
What is your favorite Harvard memory?: Last night.
What do you look for in a significant other?: Spontaneity. 
If you could be a super hero which one would you be and why? I laugh at fictional characters. But if could choose, I'd be James Bond. Because all his movie are repetitive, predictable, random, and the evil guy always gets talkative before shooting. So he never dies. 
Describe your ideal date: It's only ideal if I have 5 or more photos on my iPhone afterwards (no selfies included).
What is your best physical trait? My brown skin. Yes. 
Relationship status? Singles for life. Mather Haus.
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