My Favourite HCXO Black Friday Deals

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Her Campus has the perfect gifts for the feminists in your life.


Feminist Icons Wine Glass

A reminder to the women in your life that they are powerful women.

Discounted from $8 to $6.40



GRL PWR Baseball Cap

Because powerful women have bad hair days too.

Discounted from $14 to $11.20


Hella Feminist Wine Glass

Who said you can't be explicit and cute at the same time?

Discounted from $8 to $6.40



I Only Date Feminists Sticker

Because the only people they want to pick up at a library will ask where they got that cute laptop sticker, not why.

Discounted from $4 to $3.20.


Smashing the Patriarchy Drawstring Bag

The perfect gift for your favourite fit feminists.

Discounted from $5 to $4.


Woman Definition Tote Bag

How else are they supposed to hold all of their new feminist goodies?

Discounted from $9 to $7.30




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