How To Do Easter With Your Peeps

Not to send you into an eggsistentialist crisis (har har), but Easter is fast appraoching! While it may not seem as big as Thanksgiving or Christmas, it is still a holiday, and therefore an excuse for a party. Here are some really easy and worthwhile ways to celebrate with your peeps. 


You may be thinking, decorating for Easter is for overzealous moms or first grade teachers, but I would like to make a case for the stuffed bunnies and pastel eggs in tinsel.

Have you ever found yourself thinking, how is it already April?! Or how am I already a [insert your year] in college?! A great way to recognize the passing of time and slow it down a little is to decorate for the holidays. Changing around the theme of your common room, or adding just a couple festive items to your windowsill is just enough to make your room a little more homey and break up your routine. 

Go out to for a meal:

Listen, nothing gets rid of the Sunday scaries like going out for a nice meal with your friends. Obviously, some restaurants are closed on Easter, but some are open or have special events like Easter Brunch! And remember, if Jesus could turn water into wine, you can turn that orange juice into a mimosa.

Have an Easter egg hunt with your friends:

This one might be difficult to get people on board with, but seriously, who doesn’t miss the days of running around with your besties collecting candy? If it’s a nice day, you get a little quality time outside and you get food. Everybody wins, really. And if you’re a little too tired from midterms to brave the great outdoors, just hide the eggs around your room! There is no wrong way to do an Easter egg hunt.

Host an Easter party:

If you’re really amped for Easter or just looking for an excuse to have a party, host an Easter brunch! Fun activities could include baking, decorating cupcakes, dyeing eggs or just hanging out with the people you love. Look, I’ve only really skimmed the Bible, but I’m pretty sure Easter is about spending time with loved ones. Also, I’m paraphrasing here, but I think God did say something about Jesus being the only one with an eternal life, which basically means, YOLO let’s have a party.