Calling all my Single Ladies!


           Calling all my single ladies!  It is a truth universally acknowledged that men are praised for having multiple partners while women are patronized for being either too available or too stand-offish.  My girl Beyoncé and I demand a recount.  This year, we implore you to take back Valentine’s Day, take back the female image, and do something for sexy Y-O-U. 

            Bitter women everywhere mope that this day be deemed “single’s awareness day” since every couple, jewelry store, and CVS is on a mission to make you heartbreakingly aware of how alone you are on the day of love.  Girl!  HAPPY SINGLE AWARENESS DAY!  You are free!  Valentine’s Days spent alone provide soooo much more opportunity for love (and gifts) and Her Campus is going to show you how with a little HCXO.

Tips for being single and rockin it on V-Day:


  1. Grab your bestie and go on a girl date.  My roommate and I do it every year and celebrate the holiday as our “friendiversary.”  There is no love more loyal than that of your truest friends, make this a day to celebrate.
  2. Go all out with the color scheme.  Whether you hate everything about this holiday and desire to wear black all week or doll yourself with pink on pink, sticking to a color that either makes you love or hate the holiday will give you something to look forward to, no matter which option it is.
  3. Buy some lingerie.  You think I’m joking?  Every store in the square from Urban to Anthropologie to that one with the naked mannequins next to the toy store (you know which one I’m talking about) will have some sort of lacey something or other that will make you feel better when you look in the mirror.  Splurge.  Buy it.  And wear it to remind yourself how great you are…inside and out.
  4. For goodness sakes, watch a chick flick.
  5. Scope out all of your new potential crushes for the new year and make it a game.  Make a bet with your friends to see how many you can talk to (or “talk” to) by next Valentine’s Day.
  6. Make a Beyoncé playlist.  Lets be real, this could probably make a Tsunami sound fun.  It will definitely make your day brighter.
  7. And finally…COME TO OUR VALENTINE’S DAY EVENT!!!  From 4-7 in Ticknor lounge we will have games, chocolate, free boxers, Valentine decorating, and girl love that you may not be able to handle.


In conclusion my fine femme fatales, being single is not a curse.  It is a blessing bestowed on those of us who know how to make the most of it.  So celebrate your state of solitude and give thanks for all the ladies who get us through the rest of the year.


Amanda is a member of the class of 2014 at Harvard from Connecticut, pursuing a degree in English with a secondary in Government and a citation in Spanish. When she is not planning her next trip, she can be found hidden in the back of a coffee shop working on her novel. Amanda is passionate about singing, theater, travel, and her family and is so excited to be working with Her Campus!