• Sketches of a City

    While I was interning in Beijing this past January, I loved the all little experiences that made the city come to life. Traveling always...

  • How To: Build a Better To-Do List

    My favorite way to procrastinate is to do things that make me feel like I’m not procrastinating. Things that fall into this category:...

  • Unaffiliated

    Not why you shouldn't join anything, but why you don't have to

  • Cliffs and Recruitment

    How was I supposed to know whether or not I would like to be in a sorority when my only concept of sisterhood came from the opening scenes of Legally Blonde? Eventually, I decided that I was neither pink, giddy, nor girly enough to ever join “one of those clubs.” By the time recruitment came around, I was adamant that I would never join; my stubborn misconception of Greek life convinced me that I’d never fit in a sorority, and recruitment would be a waste of time.

  • Go Greek and Think Theta!

    Kappa Alpha Theta is the oldest sorority in the country and the oldest at Harvard. As we head into our 23rd year on campus, our Zeta Xi chapter of Theta has a clearly defined character: we are a group of fun-loving Harvard women who come together to create a space where friendship is prioritized above all else.

  • Sweet Home Delta Gamma

    When her advisor questioned her ability to get into Harvard, Elle Woods defended herself: “I once had to judge a tighty-whitey contest for Lambda Kappa Pi. Trust me, I can handle anything.” I’ve never had to judge a tighty-whitey contest, but just as Elle experienced with Delta Nu, Delta Gamma has prepared me to succeed both in college and in life better than anything else has (fun fact: Elle was actually a member of Delta Gamma in the novel!).

  • Alpha Phi: The One to Be

    Alpha Phi has changed my college experience for the better and I truly could not imagine my life without it and without my sisters.

  • You've Got Male: Mixed Signals

    [Tomas] Hi! We’re back! New readers, welcome! Returning readers, welcome back! For some reason, you’ve sent in questions despite all of our...

  • Between Home and a Hard Place

    There are a lot of terrible things going on in our country right now. Gun violence. Police Brutality. Poverty and extreme inequality. The list goes on, and on, and on, and new examples seem to pile up under each category with increasing speed.

  • 10 Dog Instagrams to Follow

    I am a dog person through and through. Dogs make me happy, but almost too happy. I point out every dog I see on the street and I have seen...

  • Senior Fall

    I feel a lot of fear. A fear of uncertainty, a fear of failure, a fear of loneliness.

  • The Changing of the Seasons

    I’m almost halfway through my junior year already. That's absurd. To think I have gone here for [almost] five semesters… twenty months on...

  • You've Got Male: Introduction

    [Greg] I’m not a relationship expert, nor am I a qualified writer. I study computer science and didn’t get my braces off ‘til senior year...

  • Sometimes Good Things Smell Bad

    I am in a relationship that makes me very happy. I wipe my boogers on the side of his bed while he scratches his armpits. We take showers...

  • The Art of Keeping It Together

    There have been days (more than I’m maybe willing to admit to myself/the internet) where I feel like my life is falling apart. My chronic,...

  • 5 Ways to Alleviate Midterm Stress

    Midterm season is the absolute worst. The chill of autumn is setting in as the vestiges of summer fade away; the shimmer of a new school...

  • The Art of Moving On

    Ah, the modes of moving on… contrary to popular belief, I have found moving on from a romantic hiccup to take a bit more than a pint of Ben...