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  • Triple Threat: The Women of WECode

    The Harvard collegiettes involved with this month's WECode conference were so impressive that we couldn't interview just one--so we chatted...

  • Goodbye February, Hello....?

    0% (0 votes)
    Spring! (hopefully...)
    79% (11 votes)
    14% (2 votes)
    7% (1 vote)
    Total votes: 14
  • Javier Aranzales '16

    A stunning ballet dancer, hilarious friend, and in love with life, Javier is always running around campus heading to his next thing...

  • 3 Life Lessons from WeCode

    Last weekend, I had the chance to be part of WECode (“ w omen e ngineers code ”), aimed at promoting female representation in technical...

  • Kevin Xiong

    No introduction needed--this Campus Cutie's interview speaks for itself. Readers, meet Kevin Xiong! Year: 2017 House: Matthews Hometown:...

  • What's the worst part of Valentine's Day?

    The fact that everyone talks about it nonstop!
    10% (1 vote)
    The fact that it's not even a real holiday...
    10% (1 vote)
    The fact that everyone hates on me and my boyfriend!
    10% (1 vote)
    The fact that I'm single being shoved in my face...
    50% (5 votes)
    Pink is not a good color on me!
    0% (0 votes)
    There is no worst part!
    20% (2 votes)
    Total votes: 10
  • One Billion Rising

    On a global level, it is estimated that one billion women and girls – that’s one in three – will be raped or beaten in their lifetime. Let...

  • 6 Reasons it's Better to be Single!

    1. Chocolate. Firstly and most importantly, let’s talk about chocolate. The days leading up to Valentine’s Day are magical days because the...