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  • Can men and women be friends?

    Absolutely not.
    33% (1 vote)
    Unclear...try again in a few years.
    67% (2 votes)
    I don't see why not!
    0% (0 votes)
    Total votes: 3
  • Modern Marilyn

    Photo courtesy of Books & Liquor GET THIS LOOK: Skirt Top Shoes

  • Ask Elle

    HC Harvard's very own wise and worldly collegiette advice columnist is here to answer any and all of your pressing questions about life in...

  • Yolanda Borquaye '14

    Yolanda Borquaye '14 is the president of the Association of Black Harvard Women and was the Co-Producer of Cultural Rhythms this year. Her...

  • Top Spring Break Destinations

    Midterms are done. Theses are in. Now it’s spring break, and it’s time to do the hard work of chilling out. But wait! First you need to...

  • Fresh Air Flair

    Photos courtesy of Books & Liquor GET THIS LOOK: Skirt (if you're in the market for a splurge item) Skirt (to suit a more reasonable...

  • Make Yourself at Home

    Dear Freshmen, Rise and shine; your housing fate awaits you. Do you hear the upperclassmen banging down your door, or the blaring vuvuzelas...

  • Karl Kopczynski '15

    Name: Karl Kopczynski Year: 2015 House: Mather Hometown: Chapel Hill, North Carolina Concentration: Studies of Women, Gender, and Sexuality...

  • In the spirit of Housing Day... which is the best House?!

    0% (0 votes)
    0% (0 votes)
    0% (0 votes)
    0% (0 votes)
    14% (1 vote)
    29% (2 votes)
    14% (1 vote)
    14% (1 vote)
    0% (0 votes)
    0% (0 votes)
    14% (1 vote)
    14% (1 vote)
    Total votes: 7
  • Marjorie Lacombe '13

    Marjorie Lacombe '13 is a gifted artist with a true passion for social outreach. Ultimately aspiring to be a global physician and...

  • J.T. Menchaca '15

    Name: J.T. Menchaca Year: 2015 House: Pforzheimer Hometown: San Antonio, Texas Concentration: History and Science Relationship Status:...

  • Spare Some Change, Admissions?

    Dear Harvard Admissions Board, I know that your job must be overwhelming—you have approximately thirty-thousand hearts to break every...

  • HRMDC Presents "On The Run"

    Event Date & Time: 
    Sat, 03/09/2013 - 01:00 to Sun, 03/10/2013 - 03:00
    Harvard Dance Center, 60 Garden Street

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